17 Unexpected Animal Friendships That Will Melt Even The Coldest Of Hearts

    I need all of these to be turned into Pixar movies immediately.

    1. This dog and duck who are the best of pals:

    2. This kitten who snuggled up with some newborn goats:

    3. This fawn who couldn't help but give a smooch to their favorite pupper:

    4. This chicken who kept their kitten friends warm during a storm:

    5. This doggo and their seal pal who look like a Pixar movie waiting to happen:

    6. These mule deer who stopped to say hello to their feline friend:

    7. This cow and cat duo who are too stinkin' cute together:

    8. These best buds who proved dogs and cats can be friends after all:

    9. This cat who loves lying under the heat lamp with their turtle BFF:

    10. This unlikely duo who look like something straight out of Animal Crossing:

    11. This horse who couldn't help but give their favorite cat some soft head pats:

    12. This bunny and their puppy best friend who are equally chaotic:

    13. This swan who fed their fishy friends:

    14. This cat who was accepted as an honorary sheep:

    15. This monkey who made daily visits to their canine BFF:

    16. This cat who made sure their favorite baby duck was nice and clean:

    17. And finally, this dog who's so friendly, they can make friends with anyone...including a black panther:

    H/T: r/AnimalsBeingBros/