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    17 "Wow, OK, Unfollowing Now" Tweets That Had Me Doing A Snort Laugh At My Phone Screen

    "Wow, OK, unfollowing now. Was a big fan of his salads, didn’t realize he was a Roman dictator. :/"

    If you've opened the bird app known as Twitter any time recently, you've probably seen the "wow, OK, unfollowing" trend. It's the meme of the month on the interwebs and, honestly, it's pretty funny if you ask me.

    Here are 17 of the very best ones:

    If these hilarious tweets manage to get a laugh (orrrrr even just one of those blowing-air-out-your-nose kinda laughs) out of you, consider giving these talented Twitter users a follow!


    wow, ok, unfollowing now. was a big fan of her house made of sweets, was not aware she used it to lure children into her oven to cook & eat them

    Twitter: @bronactitley


    wow, ok, unfollowing now. was a big fan of his salads. didn’t realize he was a roman dictator :/

    Twitter: @crocfanpage


    oh wow okay, unfollowing now. was a big fan of his jewellery line, was not aware he tricked everybody and tried to become the most powerful being in middle-earth :\

    Twitter: @myelessar


    wow, ok, unfollowing now. i loved her oatmeal reviews, had no idea she was stealing the oatmeal from a lovable family of three rural bears

    Twitter: @ChillStableGuy


    yikes unfollowing her now, was a huge fan of my idealized version of her, had no idea she was an actual person outside of that my bad.

    Twitter: @finallgirll


    oof sorry, unfollowing now. really enjoyed his wine, had no idea he lured a man into the catacombs on the promise of a fine vintage and bricked him up in the wall

    Twitter: @SparkNotes


    wow, ok, unfollowing now. was a big fan of his chocolate factory but was not aware his workers were instructed to perform fully choreographed iconic performances while five children nearly died

    Twitter: @imjoshhbu


    Okay wow unfollowing now. Did not realize that she was forcing teen convicts to dig holes in the desert

    Twitter: @vinn_ayy


    ok wow... unfollowing now. i thought he was just an ordinary platypus but he put on a little fedora and it turns out he is, in fact, secret agent perry the platypus trying to thwart my evil schemes to take over the tri-state area

    Twitter: @2000sPOPSTAR


    yikes, unfollowing him now. i'm a big fan of his paintings, i had no idea he started the war on terror

    Twitter: @laylology


    yikes, unfollowing her now. i was a big fan of her huge tits but i had no idea she had a boyfriend

    Twitter: @selmacashmoney


    wow... unfollowing now. i was a huge fan of how he saved so many people from district 12. i had no idea he would be responsible for prim's death.

    Twitter: @TheHungerGames


    wow okay. unfollowing now. i always loved his barbershop but i had no idea he was murdering ppl and having the woman in love with him turn the bodies into meat pies???

    Twitter: @DIVlNEANGEL


    wow, ok, unfollowing now. was a big fan of exploring unsolved supernatural and true crime cases, was not aware it would remain unsolved.

    Twitter: @jimingender


    Wow, sorry, unfollowing now. Really enjoyed her beauty being beyond compare and her flaming locks of auburn hair, had no idea she would take a man just because she can.

    Twitter: @Pandamoanimum


    yikes, unfollowing him now. I was a big fan of his tea shop in Ba Sing Se, had no idea he used to be a war criminal.

    Twitter: @lefthandedhater


    oof sorry, unfollowing him now. really enjoyed his work on the fusion energy reactor, didn't know he used sentient robot arms to kidnap peter parker’s aunt

    Twitter: @LessIsMoh