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    19 Scary Shows Based On True Events You Probably Shouldn’t Watch At Night

    ⚠️Don't say I didn't warn you. ⚠️

    1. Unsolved Mysteries

    Cosgrove-Meurer Productions

    Unsolved Mysteries covers anything, well, mysterious, from cold cases to ghost stories, and even UFO sightings. If you consider yourself a bit of an amateur sleuth, you're gonna love this. While the show was on air it had a toll-free hotline where people could call in with tips, suggestions, or their own theories to crack the case. There's still an active tips form, too. And get this: according to the show's official site, "over half the cases featuring wanted fugitives have been solved, most as a result of viewer tips." Isn't that wild?

    If this is your cup of tea, seasons 1-12 are available for streaming on YouTube. There's also talk of a Netflix reboot, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too. 👀

    2. Ghost Adventures

    My Entertainment Holdings, Travel Channel

    Ghost Adventures is the classic — if you've only watched one paranormal investigation show, it's probably this one. It follows Zak Bagans and his team as they investigate, research, and eventually spend the night locked in a supposedly haunted location. There are 18 seasons of spooky (6 of which are on Hulu) and a new episode every Saturday night on the Travel Channel, so get ready to binge!

    3. The Dead Files

    Painless Productions

    The Dead Files brings together the unlikely duo of Steve, a retired NYPD homicide detective, and Amy, a psychic communicator, to tackle a variety of paranormal cases. They investigate separately at first, with Steve gathering the facts and Amy using her intuition and abilities to gather her own insights. At the end, they come together and compare notes, often with shocking results. It's available for streaming on Hulu and YouTube TV as well as live on the Travel Channel.

    4. Paranormal Witness

    Raw Television

    Scaredy cats beware, this show 👏🏼gets 👏🏼 real. This docuseries doesn't hold back, using interviews, home videos, family photos and reenactments to bring their stories to life. If you're in the mood for something spooky but don't feel like committing to an entire movie, try an episode of Paranormal Witness! The show is available to stream on YouTube TV or on the Syfy website with your TV provider login.

    5. Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal


    Kids say some freaky things, but what if yours told you they could see or even talk to dead people? Yeah, we're goin' full Sixth Sense here. Coached by medium Chip Coffey and clinical psychologist Dr. Lisa Miller, these kids and their families figure out how to manage and better understand their ~abilities~. The latest episodes even bring us back to where it all began, with some previous kid psychics on the show returning as mentors for the next generation. The show is available to stream with an Amazon Prime Video subscription or on the A&E website with your TV provider login.

    6. The Haunted

    Picture Shack Entertainment, Animal Planet

    Really wanna freak yourself out? You know when your dog starts barking insistently at something, but when you look over there's nothing there? Well, what if there was? The Haunted is Animal Planet's take on ghost stories, focusing on animal-centric tales with the belief that they are more sensitive to supernatural activity than humans. It's available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

    7. Ghost Brothers

    Destination America

    If you want something spooky but a little more lighthearted, Ghost Brothers has you covered. Based in Atlanta, these three are longtime friends and frat brothers, now making up their own team of ghost hunters to investigate the paranormal. The Ghost Brothers are the first African-American team of ghost hunters on TV, too! Their original series is available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video or streaming on Philo, and their spin-off series Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests is currently airing on the Travel Channel and Philo.

    8. The Haunting Of…

    Jarrett Creative Group

    A spin-off of Celebrity Ghost Stories, this show takes it a step further. These stars don't just tell their spooky stories to a camera, they actually return to the place where it all went down and try to make sense of it, with the help of medium Kim Russo. Some celebs you might recognize include Billy Ray Cyrus, Audrina Patridge, T-Pain, and Kesha. The show is available for streaming on Philo or can be watched live on FYI throughout this month.

    9. Celebrity Ghost Stories

    Biography Channel

    Ever wondered if some of your favorite celebrities have weird paranormal experiences of their own? Well, the answer is yes! This show interviews celebrities about their unforgettable experiences, including familiar faces like Laura Prepon, Matthew Gray Gubler, Drake Bell, and Carrie Fisher. Three seasons are available for streaming on Tubi, or you can catch the show live on Lifetime.

    10. Celebrity Paranormal Project


    If you need a bit of comedy to make it through scary scenes, look no further than Celebrity Paranormal Project. While it doesn't boast as star-studded a cast as the previous two, it makes up for it in humor. Think of this as a mashup of Ghostbusters and Fear Factor. Celebrities are locked alone in a haunted location, testing their limits and documenting any paranormal experiences they may have. It's available for streaming on Tubi and with an Amazon Video subscription.

    11. A Haunting

    New Dominion Pictures

    If you've ever wondered what it's actually like to live in a haunted house, look no further than A Haunting. It combines first-person storytelling with reenactments to brings everything from a simple spirit to an exorcism to life. There are 11 seasons of terror, available to stream on YouTube TV, Philo, and on Destination America's site for free.

    12. I Survived...Beyond and Back

    NHNZ, Bio

    If you're more in the mood for a late-night existential crisis than a jump scare, look no further than I Survived. It's exactly what it sounds like: everything from freak accidents to medical mishaps lead to an individual's untimely death...but only temporarily. The show interviews people who have been legally pronounced dead but ultimately "come back to life," sharing what they experienced in the time between.

    13. Haunted Collector


    Have you ever seen an antique or creepy old doll and thought "yeah, that definitely looks haunted?" Well, that's John Zaffis's specialty! He and his family track down potentially haunted objects like dolls, necklaces, and even artwork to investigate and eventually add to his museum of haunted objects for safekeeping. If you're a fan of the Annabelle movies, you'll probably like this. It's available for purchase on YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video.

    14. Monsters and Mysteries in America

    M2 Pictures

    So you're less of a ghost person and more into ghouls? No problem, check out Monsters and Mysteries! The show goes around the country exploring the folklore and stories behind mysterious sightings from region to region. Ever heard about a Chupacabra or the Mothman? It's some creepy stuff. You can stream it on YouTube TV, Philo, or Destination America.

    15. BuzzFeed Unsolved


    Whether it's true crime stories or supernatural investigations that suit your fancy, Unsolved has got you covered. Shane, a skeptic, and Ryan, a believer, tackle cold cases with their own theories or explore haunted locations to answer the age old question: are ghosts real? Part-investigation and part-comedy, Unsolved is the perfect show to binge for spooky season. Catch up on Hulu, Amazon, or the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network's YouTube Channel.

    16. Ghost Hunters

    Alan David Management, Pilgrim Films & Television

    Ghost Hunters follows a group of pals who are plumbers by day and ghost hunters by night, investigating haunted houses and locations in the US. These guys have been hunting ghosts on TV for a hot minute now — their original Syfy show spanned 11 seasons and returned to air this year on A&E for even more late night frights. And if you're into it, the show boasts two spin-off series for you to binge, too: Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy. You can stream the classic episodes here and the new episodes here, or live on A&E on Wednesday nights.

    17. Kindred Spirits


    If you liked Ghost Hunters, here's another quasi-spin off from the gang. Two former investigators from the show, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, started Kindred Spirits to help families experiencing hauntings in their homes. They investigate, gather evidence, and help bring closure to these families that have nowhere else to turn. It's available to stream on YouTube TV, Philo, and the Travel Channel website.

    18. Paranormal 911

    Bristow Global Media

    This new Canadian Travel Channel show focuses on the experiences of first responders, many of which arrive to the scene of emergencies expecting pretty much anything but a paranormal experience. The show's premise is a unique one in the world of paranormal shows, so if you're looking for a break from the usual investigation or ghost story style, give this show a go. It's available to stream on YouTube TV, Philo, and the Travel Channel website.

    19. Paranormal Lockdown

    Groff Entertainment

    If ghost hunting shows are nothing new to you, then you might recognize veteran investigator Nick Groff (Ghost Adventures) and paranormal researcher Katrina Weidman (Paranormal State) who host the show. These two make up quite a dedicated duo, spending a whole 72 hours locked in each haunted location. I think it's safe to say that they know what they're doing. It's available for streaming on Philo and Destination America, or for purchase on YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video.

    Did I miss any good ones? Drop them in the comments below!


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