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    Timothée Chalamet And Pete Davidson Were The Best Part Of "SNL" Last Night, And I Need Everyone To See It

    Don't mind me, just patiently waiting for someone to put them in a movie together.

    Last night, Timothée Chalamet hosted an incredible episode of Saturday Night Live, with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band as the musical guest.

    Timothée Chalamet during the Monologue on Saturday, December 12, 2020
    Will Heath / NBC

    During the episode, Pete Davidson — who typically doesn't make more than a cameo on the show — appeared in a whooooole bunch of sketches with Timothée, and tbh, they were the perfect duo.


    Let's take a look back at their best moments from the episode, shall we?


    Pete first joined his BFF Timmy during his monologue, where Timothée was playing the piano and reminiscing about Christmas in Manhattan.

    pete saying "Timothée, you smell great" and Timmy saying, "Oh, thanks man. Pete, you...smell."

    As a fellow native New Yorker, Pete shared his ever so slightly different Staten Island Christmas experiences, while Timothée tried not to laugh.

    Pete talking about skiing on the bridge and rats coming down the chimney instead of Santa

    You can watch the whole monologue here.

    The two came back later in the episode for the "Rap Roundtable" sketch, where they played the SoundCloud rap duo Guaplord and Smokecheddathaassgetta.


    They shared their ~fresh~ take on the current state of hip-hop...

    Timmy saying, "what about that yeet?" and pete clarifying, "when she got that thang all up in your face, you not gonna yeet?"

    ...and even performed part of their hit song "Yeet," which I'm gonna need on Spotify ASAP.


    You can watch the whole sketch — and hear the song for yourself — here.

    And finally, Timmy and Pete appeared as co-anchors in "Sportsmax."

    Timothee and Pete in mustaches and Jets merch

    The pair played diehard Jets fans who refused to admit that the Jets weren't the greatest team ever, while Pete aggressively shoveled cheese fries into his mouth.


    You can watch the whole sketch here.

    Timothée and Pete as a pair were *chefs kiss*, and fans certainly seem to agree:

    No one talk to me ever again unless it's about Timothee Chalamet & Pete Davidson sitting at a piano together. 🥺 #SNL

    At this point someone has to cast Pete Davidson and Timothee Chalamet in a movie together. The chemistry between them tonight is palpable

    i think it’s very sexy of timothee chalamet and pete davidson to be friends

    the way timothee chalamet had all that screen time with pete davidson..... i am not immune to white boys #snl

    In conclusion, I stan this friendship and am 100% ready to fork out some $$$ to see them play BFFs in a movie together. Who's with me?

    TImothee and Pete staring at each other

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