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17 TikTok Creators That've Taught Me More Than I Ever Learned In School

TBH, sometimes I learn more from 10 minutes on TikTok than I did in an entire high school class.

Hey, y'all! I'm Angelica, your friendly neighborhood Gen Z'er! If I'm being honest here, I've spend a pretty big chunk of my time in quarantine (okay, and before that too but shhhh) scrolling endlessly through TikTok.

I've come across tons of super talented and creative humans on this wonderful app that, tbh, have probably taught me more in 60 seconds than I learned in a whole semester of some classes.

Well, I decided to share some of the very best TikTokers that've graced my FYP and taught me a thing or two I didn't know before. Here are some of these super talented creators:

1. This is Tabitha, who teaches her followers how to make easy, delicious vegan dishes and is everyone's honorary TikTok Mom™️:


It’s my daughter @choyce.brown 19th birthday and she wanted my special Mac-n-cheese! #vegan #tabithabrown

♬ original sound - iamtabithabrown

2. Say hello to Hyram, the skincare guru I needed when I was 15 with a face full of acne:

3. Meet Ella, who has a TikTok series where she cooks and tries the national dish of a different country every week:


The pictures online looked better but it still tasted really good #albania #cooking #travel #culture #food #baking

♬ original sound - ekleinvt

4. Say hello to Erika, a professional beekeeper whose TikToks about how she safely removes colonies are so good, I cannot stop watching:

5. This is Hallie, a photo and video artist who makes some unbelievably gorgeous videos and walks us through exactly how she does it:


Go check out the full version on my page :) #foryou #filmmaking #euphoria

♬ Forever - Labrinth

6. This is Leanne, who makes one-woman a capella covers of popular songs that are literally mind-blowing:

7. This is Kyne, who has single-handedly taught me more about math in 60-second intervals than I've learned in entire math classes, probably:


Reply to @lindsh4rrell Great question! There are exponents of 0, negative numbers, decimals, even irrationals and imaginary numbers!

♬ original sound - onlinekyne

8. This is Maggie, who makes science super fun and easy to understand while totally giving off a "Bill Nye...but make it Gen Z" kinda vibe:

9. Meet Jill, who shares super popular videos of how she makes and decorates some stunning cakes like this one:


not really vibin with this cake and for some reason the buttercream looks weird but hey at least it tastes good #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #cake #baking

♬ original sound - jillsejd

10. Meet Mikaele, who's taught me a ton about Samoan culture, like how to make a taulima:


#reply to @aaronvasquez08 Today’s Samoan word is TAULIMA!! Please FOLLOW n SHARE FAMILY! #NotTheOne #BiggestFan #fyp #samoa #hawaii

♬ original sound - sionetavo

11. This is Sarah, who creates jaw-droppingly stunning clothes like this and documents her whole process from start to finish:

12. Say hello to Dylan, who takes his followers behind the scenes of his job at Cold Stone and makes some seriously ❄️cool❄️ ice cream cakes:

13. You might know Hank Green as half of Crash Course on YouTube, but he's also educating a whole new generation of kids on TikTok (and being hilarious on top of that, too):

Thank you, Hank, for being the sole reason I passed chemistry in high school and still being one of the funniest people on my FYP today. An icon.

14. Meet Jeremy, who makes all kinds of mouthwateringly delicious food, like this actually authentic fettuccine Alfredo recipe:


Reply to @rlee143 the ratio is about 25:20:10 grams pasta to parmigiano to butter #alfredo #fettucinealfredo #pasta #italian #cheese #parmigiano

♬ original sound - llusionmusic
Still curious? We tried Jeremy's TikTok famous vodka sauce recipe and it was incredible!

15. Say hello to James, an Indigenous TikToker and hoop dancer who's taught me tons about Native American culture, like the significance of his long hair in this video:

16. This is Paige, who makes viral educational videos about her experiences as a girl with autism:

You can read more about Paige's TikToks here.

17. And finally, meet Cassie. She and her crew document their whole process of flipping a regular old school bus into an incredible camper that I'd 1,000% live in:


it was fun while it lasted! Check out @sassybus on insta for more #byetiktok #fyp #tiktok #busconversion #vanbuild

♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

Do you have a favorite TikToker that's taught you something new? Tell us about them in the comments below!