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Bridesmaids, Tell Us The Absolutely Unhinged Things You've Been Asked To Do For A Bride

It's time to call out those bridezillas, y'all!

Ah, wedding season. The most magical — and stressful — time of year.

A loved one asking you to be one of their bridesmaids is definitely a huge honor. Sometimes, though, being part of the ~wedding of their dreams~ means they might ask you to do some strange and — frankly — unacceptable things.

For example, perhaps the bridezilla-to-be asked her bridesmaids to all drop down to a size 8, so that everyone could wear the same dress size.

Like, seriously?

Here's another one. Maybe your good friend was elated to have you at her wedding...but has never been a big fan of your significant other. So, she asks you to come and leave your partner at home, even though she didn't ask this of any other bridesmaids.

A couple holding each other with the man's face crossed out

OK, I think you've got a good idea where I'm coming from. So, bridesmaids of BuzzFeed, I have a question for you. Have you ever been part of a wedding party where a bride made a wild demand like these?

If so, I'd love for you to tell us about it! Share the wild requests they made in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!