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Have You Ever Noticed A Really Weird, Small Detail In A Movie?

I can't watch Twilight the same way, tbh.

Have you ever been casually enjoying a movie when all of a sudden you have to pause because you saw something totally bonkers?

Maybe it was a little detail that you couldn't stop laughing at, or perhaps there was something in the background of a scene that 100% did not belong there. Whatever it is, we wanna hear about it!

Maybe you couldn't help but notice that Emmett carried a whole bag of boiled eggs around school in Twilight, and you had to pause the movie to let everyone bask in the weirdness.

Emmett carrying around a bag of boiled eggs in "Twilight"

Perhaps you'll never forget noticing that Robert Ruth is credited as "coffee shop" in the end credits of Pulp Fiction because of this line:

Ruth saying "I am not a hero, I'm just a coffee shop" and the end credits

Whatever it is, we wanna hear about it! In the comments below, tell us the weirdest detail you've noticed during a movie. Your answer just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!