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What Are The Wildest, Most Unbelievable Things That Happened On "SNL"?

I will truly never forget that "Samurai Stockbroker" sketch, tbh.

Probably the best thing about SNL is the possibility that at any given moment, the entire show can go completely off the rails because it's, well, live.

Sometimes these on-air goofs make a sketch infinitely more funny, like the way literally nobody was able to keep it together during any Debbie Downer appearance.

The whole cast breaking character in the "Debby Downer" sketch

Other times, though, things seem to take such a wild turn that you can't believe you're actually seeing what you're seeing on TV. And THAT, my friends, is exactly what I'd like to talk about today.

Here's my question to you: What sketches or SNL moments have stuck in your memory as having gone so wrong, you can't believe they actually aired?

Allow me to start you off with a few examples to get the gears in your head turnin'. Perhaps you could not believe what you were seeing when Ashlee Simpson got caught lip syncing, did a little dance, and immediately ran off stage during her SNL gig.

Maybe the only way you can think to describe Adrien Brody's awful improvised introduction of musical guest Sean Paul — in which he wore dreadlocks and spoke in Patois — is as a train wreck you could not stop watching.

Or perhaps you'll never forget how Buck Henry hosted an entire episode of SNL with a bandaged head because John Belushi accidentally cut him with a sword during the Samurai Stockbroker sketch.

Whatever it is, we wanna hear about it! In the comments below, tell us about those moments on SNL that were so wild and unbelievable, you'll never forget them. You never know, it just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!