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Teachers, What Is A Secret People Should Really Know About Your Job?

What is it really like to be a teacher?

Teachers are honestly superheroes. They work their butts off all semester long to teach us what we need to succeed. But tbh, as students, a lot of the time we're way too caught up in our own lives to think about what it's like to actually be a teacher.

I'm sure you hear endless misconceptions about teachers, right? Well, I wanna hear what you think of them! What secrets can you spill about what it's really like to be a teacher?

Does having the summer off actually kinda suck because it requires you to work a second job?

How much of your day do you actually spend at school between classes, office hours, and leading extracurricular activities? Is it way longer than most people realize?

Have you ever put two students together in your seating chart because you thought they had crushes on each other? Or moved them apart because of it?

We wanna know! Tell us the secrets most people don't realize about being a teacher in the box below and you just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!