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Queer Folks β€” We Wanna Hear About The LGBTQ Role Models In Your Life

Whether you know them IRL or not, we wanna hear about them!

Happy Pride Month, y'all! I know this year is a little different than most, but we still want to celebrate you and all the incredible queer people who shaped you into the person you are today! Because let's be honest β€” you're pretty great.

David from "Schitt's Creek" saying "You're simply the best!"

So, here's a question for you! Queer folks β€” is there a fellow LGBTQ person who you look up to? Someone who's impacted your life and helped you feel supported or better understand your sexuality? If so, we wanna hear all about them!

Cameron from "Modern Family" saying "I need to know details."

Perhaps a friend of yours coming out and talking openly about their queerness helped you work up the courage to come out yourself.


Or maybe a fellow LGBTQ relative brought you to your first Pride parade and made you feel seen and supported in a whole new way.

Photo form a pride parade
Balkanscat / Getty Images

But, hey, role models don't necessarily need to be people you know IRL! Maybe following along with an openly queer celebrity or online personality made you feel comforted and safe during a time when you felt lost and a little scared.

NBC / Hollywood Foreign Press Association

Whoever they are, we want to celebrate them! In the comments below, tell us about the fellow LGBTQ people in your life who you look up to! We wanna hear all about why they're so important to you and how they've helped you. You never know, they might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!