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Tell Us About The Times Bill Hader Made "SNL" Waaaay Funnier

Bill Hader could read his grocery list and I'd probably laugh.

Bill Hader is definitely one of the most iconic cast members we've seen on SNL thus far. He's given us unforgettable characters, great impressions, and some of the most hilarious character breaks the show has ever seen.

Bill's given us some incredible moments, but which from his time on SNL are undeniably the best?

Maybe you think Stefon is one of SNL's most iconic characters and his Weekend Update appearances — like this one about spring break — make you literally laugh out loud.

Or maybe Bill breaking character is always hilarious to you because he's clearly trying so hard not to, like in "The Californians."

Perhaps you literally can't stop laughing whenever Bill really gets into character and tries to make other people break, like when he plays Herb Welch.

Whatever it is, I wanna hear about it! In the Dropbox below, tell us which Bill Hader moments from SNL are simply the best and we'll feature our favorite ones in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!