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Baristas — What Stereotypes Do You Associate With Popular Drink Orders?

This is crucial information, y'all!

A few months ago, I shared some stereotypes that bartenders assigned to people who order certain drinks. Aside from feeling a littttle called out, I started thinking — what does my barista think of my drink order? 🤔

A barista smiling and writing an order on the cup
Sdi Productions / Getty Images

She may be smiling, but I know she's judging me for ordering a drink with oat milk...and still getting whipped cream on it.

So, current or former baristas, I have a question for you! What stereotypes do you associate with people that order certain drinks?

Jennifer Lawrence looking curious

For example, does a cold brew just scream "worn out college student who is running 15 minutes late for class?"

cold crew with cold foam
Boyloso / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Do you just instinctively know that when you get a mobile order for a caramel frappuccino and a cake pop, a 12-year-old is 100% about to walk through the door and pick it up?

A caramel frappuccino and cake pops
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Whatever it is, I want to hear about it! In the comments below, tell us a common drink order and the stereotypes you associate with it. You might just end up being featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!