21 Funny Taylor Swift Tweets To Scroll Through While You Endlessly Search Twitter For Eras Tour Spoilers

    Check on your Swiftie friends today y'all, because they are all too unwell right now.

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    It's been a wild 24 hours to be Swiftie, y'all. From opening night of the Eras Tour being literal hours away (!!!!!!!) to Taylor dropping FOUR "unreleased" songs yesterday, I am — metaphorically — screaming, crying, and throwing up.

    Am I physically at opening night? No, but emotionally I am in Swift City streaming "Eyes Open" and not, in fact, at home scrolling Twitter to plan the Eras Tour merch I want when my tour date is finalllllly here.

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    If you too are living vicariously through everyone seeing THE TAYLOR SWIFT live tonight, here are 21 funny tweets to pass the time before the show — and *cough cough* the livestreams — officially begin:


    Twitter: @spilling_wine13


    Not her making her divorced parents do arts and crafts like it’s a project she forgot she had due until the night before 😭

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via Twitter: @stateofmolly


    Me getting ready to watch opening night of Taylor Swift Era Tour From bed #TSErasTour

    Twitter: @moonlighttsouls


    @TS13ontour they have road signs in az now LMAO

    Twitter: @lordesphag


    im surprise she didn’t cut her finger off https://t.co/hxmYKVo0sL

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via Twitter: @WineStainedMia


    Taylor Swift literally reunited The Civil Wars to recreate one of her best songs there is nothing she can’t do

    @taylorswift / Instagram / Via Twitter: @sippingaugust


    taylor pretending if this was a movie is from fearless because it’s the only song not fully self written on speak now 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @AstoundingSwift


    uhm @taylorswift13 we need to talk. i’m not giving her up to @fearlesstvbot ain’t no fucking way https://t.co/rQLnSeBUCi

    Twitter: @speaknowbot


    Twitter: @hushmirrorball


    a lot of you are gonna be in the same room as taylor swift tomorrow !!!!!

    Spotify / Via Twitter: @soitfuckingoes


    Nickelodeon / Universal Republic / Republic Records / Via Twitter: @NotFancy_



    Twitter: @AstoundingSwift


    i love how someone said “guys remember her tour is not a fashion show” yet the the swifties are literally giving met gala.

    Twitter: @swifferstruggle


    Twitter: @lottyinthetrees


    Netflix / Via Twitter: @parisrae13


    “hi i’m taylor and welcome to the eras tour!”

    Volodymyr Baleha/Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @misamericana


    pov: you're listening safe & sound (Taylor’s version)

    Republic Records / Via Twitter: @tolerateitlover


    eras tour outfit reveal (international swifties edition)

    Twitter: @intaysarms


    don’t mind me, I’m just a swiftie clown daughter. We are a small circus family.

    Twitter: @lucia_swiftiee


    If there is one thing Taylor Swift is going to do, it’s exactly not what I thought she was going to do.

    Twitter: @alexandergold

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be aggressively refreshing Twitter to find out if my favorite songs make the setlist. 🥰

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