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19 Food And Drink Items From Starbucks In Latin American Countries That We Need In The US Immediately

BRB, hopping on a plane to try all of these. 😍

1. Lemon Bar Frappuccino

2. Muffin de Dulce de Leche

Starbucks Argentina / Via

Available in Argentina, this vanilla muffin is filled with dulce de leche and topped with a sweet crumble.

3. Banana Split Frappuccino

Dulce de leche para el fin de semana ❤ Banana Split Frappuccino + Muffin de dulce de leche.

@StarbucksAr / Via Twitter: @StarbucksAr

The Banana Split Frappuccino, available with or without espresso, is flavored with banana and chocolate, then topped with crushed pieces of waffle cone. You can find it at Starbucks coffeehouses in Mexico and Argentina.

4. Torta Cuatro Leches

Starbucks Chile / Via Torta Cuatro Leches

This sponge cake — available in Chile — is soaked in cream, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whole milk; stuffed with manjar, a sweet caramel; and topped with meringue.

5. Dulce de Leche Granizado Frappuccino

6. Envuelto Poblano

Envuelto Poblano y Mocha caliente para el corazón.

@StarbucksMex / Via

This breakfast item, available in Mexico, is filled with poblano chiles, chicken, corn, and cheese.

7. Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha

Starbucks / Via

This holiday drink, available at most Latin American Starbucks stores, combines espresso, steamed milk, and white chocolate sauce, then is topped with whipped cream, cranberry sauce, and crystallized cranberry sugar. 

8. Coxinha

9. Floresta Negra Frappuccino

Escolha do dia: Floresta Negra Mocha na versão quente ou Frappuccino? Aproveite, é por tempo limitado!

Via Twitter: @StarbucksBrasil

This drink, available hot or cold, is inspired by a dessert called Floresta Negra, or Black Forest cake. It's especially popular in Brazil during the Christmas season.

10. Pie de Berries

Starbucks / Via

This berry pie, served at Starbucks stores in Chile, has a cream cheese base and is covered in mixed berries and glazed nuts.

11. Dark Cherry Mocha

Starbucks / Via

This seasonal espresso-based drink is flavored with a bittersweet mocha sauce and dark cherry syrup for the ultimate ~Christmastime vibes~. You can find it at most Starbucks restaurants in Latin America.

12. Rosca de Reyes

Starbucks / Roberto Beltran / Via

This sweet bread covered in sugar, cocoa, and fig is Starbucks Mexico's take on a traditional Mexican "Day of Kings" pastry. 

13. Yogurt Frappuccino

Starbucks Mexico / Via

These yogurt-based Frappuccinos, available in Mexico, come in pineapple coconut, berry, and, previously, mango.

14. Pão Na Chapa

Neste fim de semana, membros do My Starbucks Rewards que pedirem um pão na chapa + espresso ganham 2 ou 3 ⭐️ bônus se você for nível gold.

Via Twitter: @StarbucksBrasil

This toasted baguette topped with Catupiry cheese is Starbucks Brasil's take on the classic Brazilian breakfast staple.

15. Brigadeiro Frappuccino

O amor está no ar e o sabor deste amor está na Starbucks. Com vocês, o match perfeito de sabores com o novo par de Frappuccino® para os apaixonados: Beijo de Brigadeiro e Beijo de Brigadeiro & Morango. Marca o crush aqui e venha adoçar esse sentimento. ❤️ #MatchPerfeito

Via Twitter: @StarbucksBrasil

Inspired by a popular Brazilian chocolate dessert, this drink, available at Starbucks Brasil stores, is flavored with chocolate chips and white mocha sauce, then topped with a Brigadeiro sauce.

16. Maracuya Frappuccino

17. Ponche Navideño

Starbucks / Via

Inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas punch tea, this warm and cozy hibiscus tea, available at Starbucks Mexico restaurants, is flavored with apple, guava, cinnamon, and brown sugar. 

18. Barrita de Nuez & Manjar

Starbucks Chile / Via

This sweet treat, available in Chile, is a cookie stuffed with walnuts, nougat, and dulce de leche.

19. Algarrobina Frappuccino

☀ ¡Llegó el fin de semana y nos provoca ir a la playa! 🙌 Antes de disfrutar de unos días de sol y mar te esperamos en todas nuestras tiendas de 4pm a 7pm 😎 porque el segundo Marshmellow , Chocolúcuma o Algarrobina Frappuccino corre por nuestra cuenta

Twitter: @starbucksperu

Available at Starbucks Perú stores, this Frappuccino — which is inspired by Peruvian cuisine — is flavored with chocolate chips and algarrobina, a syrup made from the black carob tree.

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