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    27 Shows And Movies To Stream If You're Feeling Extra Stressed Right Now

    Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and open Netflix!

    I think we can all agree that it's an especially stressful time for a lot of us right now. Whether you're quarantined or practicing social distancing (thank you!) to slow the spread of COVID-19, I know being home all the time can feel a little suffocating. If you're anything like me, watching TV is a great distraction!


    I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share some TV shows, movies, and YouTube programs that help them relax when they're feeling stressed and overwhelmed. They certainly did not disappoint with their recommendations! Here are some of the best feel-good programs available for streaming right now:

    1. Great British Bake Off (TV)

    Love Productions

    "The standards are so high and the contestants's skill sets are so amazing! Everyone is really striving to win but they are all so good and polite to one another! Even when the judges criticize, they try to say something positive or encouraging. Interesting, soothing, and inspiring without being super intense."


    Where to watch: Netflix

    2. Golden Girls (TV)

    Touchstone Television

    "Nothing calms my nerves more than watching America’s grandmas live their best life. Whether you’re a Blanche, Rose, Dorothy or a Sofia, you’ll feel your stress melt away as soon as they break out the cheesecake!"


    Where to watch: Hulu, Philo

    3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Movie)

    Sony Pictures Entertainment

    "It’s a world you can completely get lost in."


    Where to watch: Netflix

    4. Anne with an E (TV)


    "It has such an incredible, calm vibe to it. From the storyline to the characters, it's simply heartwarming in the purest way. It deals with important issues in a powerful and beautiful way, and Anne's perspective will most definitely inspire you to see the beauty in little things. It is super binge-worthy and lined with lovely humor."


    Where to watch: Netflix

    5. Parks and Recreation (TV)


    "It’s all about people trying to do good things! It’s such a good show with great character development and female characters that aren’t just based around men. It’s funny, cleverly written, and so heartwarming!"


    Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime

    6. Say Yes to the Dress (TV)

    Half Yard Productions

    "It always ends happily, you get to see beautiful dresses, and you get to judge looks! It’s interactive enough to keep you paying attention and get your mind off things for a little while."


    Where to watch: Hulu, YouTube TV, Philo

    7. Lilo & Stitch (Movie)

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "It's my favorite (and I believe) the best animated Disney film out there. It is funny, heartwarming and has such positive messages. It's basically an all-around amazing movie and always makes me feel so much better."


    Where to watch: Disney+

    8. Glee (TV)

    Ryan Murphy Productions

    "It has its high and low points throughout each episode, and tries to end up focusing on the positives in life by experiencing the negatives first. The music selection is wonderful (some storylines make it even more amazing) and it has bits of comedy here and there."


    Where to watch: Netflix

    9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (TV)


    "It's so lighthearted, funny, and feel-good. And let's be honest, don't we all wish we had a Titus Andromedon in our lives?"


    Where to watch: Netflix

    10. Gilmore Girls (TV)

    Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions

    "This show always hits the spot and just generally feels like home. Great show to decompress to and help you feel calm and comfortable."


    Where to watch: Netflix, Philo

    11. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (TV)

    Bluebush Productions

    "If my day is bad, I know I can count on the gang to ruin theirs even more!"


    Where to watch: Hulu, Philo, Fubo TV

    12. The Darling Buds of May (TV)

    Yorkshire Television

    "It is the most soothing, calming, feel-good program in the world. It is the TV equivalent of lying in a field of summer grass, slightly drowsy from a big, delicious meal, listening to the bees buzzing lazily around you."


    Where to watch: Amazon Prime

    13. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)


    "It’s the perfect amount of funny and heartwarming to make any day easier."


    "The characters are so lovable and well-written, it's easy to get lost in them and their stories. The plots are captivating, the characters are supportive, and the jokes are hilarious!"


    Where to watch: Hulu, YouTube TV, NBC

    14. Good Mythical Morning (YouTube)

    Mythical Entertainment

    "There are 17 seasons with about a hundred episodes each, so there's an episode for every mood. They do taste tests, trivia games, interviews, experiments...everything! Rhett and Link are pretty much the most adorable, wholesome buddy duo to ever host a comedy show; you can't help but grin every time you see them. Their off-key, dorky, banter-y North Carolina sense of humor never gets old."


    Where to watch: YouTube

    15. Downton Abbey (TV)

    Carnival Film & Television

    "It's one of the most soothing shows out there. The stakes are relatively low so you can really just sit back and relax in silence and sip something delicious. Plus, you just feel so much fancier afterward."


    Where to watch: Amazon Prime

    16. Bon Appétit Test Kitchen (YouTube)

    Bon Appétit

    "BA's Reverse Engineering series where they challenge Chris Morrocco to recreate dishes blindfolded is AH-MAZING and he's so cute and hot in a very Chris Morrocco way."


    "Claire's Gourmet Makes series is truly the most calming, wholesome thing on the internet. It's so easy to binge and always makes me nostalgic for my favorite childhood snacks. Everyone is so supportive and fun; it never fails to put me in a good mood!"


    Where to watch: YouTube

    17. Schitt's Creek (TV)

    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

    "It never fails to make me laugh and smile. The character growth is amazing for a sitcom and every time I rewatch it, I find a new favorite character."


    Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu with live TV, YouTube TV

    18. Thor: Ragnarok (Movie)

    Marvel Studios

    "It always makes me laugh! Even if you don’t know anything about Marvel, it's still an amazing comedy movie!"


    Where to watch: Disney+

    19. Rick and Morty (TV)

    Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions

    "It never fails to brighten my day in dark times and really keeps my attention."


    Where to watch: Hulu, YouTube TV, Fubo TV

    20. The Good Place (TV)


    "Nothing elates my heart more than watching people support each other, better themselves, and persevere in the face of literal death. It reminds me that even when things are bad, people are still good."


    Where to go: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, NBC

    21. The Birdcage (Movie)

    United Artists

    "It has Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. I’ve seen it dozens of times and it never fails to make me laugh out loud. Their relationship is so sweet and all the performances are comedic gold."


    Where to watch: Free on YouTube

    22. Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (TV)

    Finishing the Hat

    "It’s fun, light-hearted, and very much a '90s sitcom. In general, it’s just a really great, low-stress show. Also, Salem is an icon."


    Where to watch: Hulu

    23. Christopher Robin (Movie)

    Walt Disney Studios

    "It's just so wholesome and sweet. It's impossible to watch without smiling. It is just a darling film and a great stress reliever."


    Where to watch: Netflix

    24. Derry Girls (TV)

    Hat Trick Productions

    "It's so hilarious and heartwarming, it never fails to uplift me."


    Where to watch: Netflix

    25. I Love Lucy (TV)

    Desilu Productions

    "It’s timeless comedy that everyone can relate to and always brings out genuine laughter and happiness. No matter how many times I have watched it, I laugh just as hard."


    Where to watch: Hulu, Philo

    26. Bob's Burgers (TV)

    Bento Box Entertainment

    "The storylines are always wholesome and lighthearted. They're super easy to follow but still interesting. Plus, H. Jon Benjamin's voice is super soothing."


    Where to watch: Hulu, YouTube TV, Fubo TV

    27. And finally, Muppet Treasure Island (Movie)

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "This is a perfect movie, suitable for all ages. Lots of fun moments, so much heart, great songs, fourth wall breaks...what more can you ask for? It always takes my mind off of my problems and reminds me of happy times."


    Where to watch: Disney+

    Do you have a feel-good TV, movie, or YouTube recommendation you don't see here? Drop it in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.