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    "SNL" Just Released Every "Stefon" Sketch, So Here Are The Funniest Ones

    This post has everything!

    Over the last week, the wonderful folks at SNL graced our screens with the return of one of it's best recurring characters: Stefon, played by Bill Hader!

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    They released a five-video compilation including all of Stefon's appearances and let me tell you...these videos have EVERYTHING.


    That's right, every sketch featuring New York's hottest city correspondent is now available to watch on SNL's YouTube channel in chronological order.

    Some fans seem to think this could be hinting at Bill Hader hosting an upcoming episode of the show to promote Barry, though nothing has been confirmed.

    so SNL just randomly decided to make a collage of every stefon skit ever...barry starts filming in january...bill will most likely be doing promo for S3...which means....bill hader is most likely going to host SNL again either before 2019 is over OR in early 2020 :,)

    Which, tbh, I kinda need to happen now.

    Either way, here's a little look back at some of Stefon's most iconic moments on SNL:


    Consider this my official message to Lorne Michaels to bring Bill back for another episode, please and thank you.

    1. When Stefon made his first appearance as a city corespondent on Weekend Update:


    The beginning of an era, tbh.

    2. Stefon's Spring Break segment, that's so good both Bill and Seth can't help but keep cracking throughout the sketch:


    3. When Stefon talked about the coolest places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and gifted Seth this festive button:


    4. When Stefon made a cameo in SNL's 40th anniversary special, correcting Edward Norton's impression of him while being followed by his jealous husband, Seth Meyers:


    We also learn that Seth and Stefon have kids, and I need a family sitcom spinoff series like NOW.

    5. When Stefon shared his Halloween plans, which consisted of feeding his dog "Bark Ruffalo" and going to New York's hottest club {insert growl here}:


    Bill breaks SO MANY TIMES in this segment and it's impossible not to laugh along with him.

    6. When Amy and Stefon made a return for Seth's final Weekend Update segment, and Andy Samberg joined for a quick song:



    7. When Stefon appeared on Weekend Update for the first time with Colin and Michael hosting, and Bill actually lost it everytime he brought up MTV's Dan Cortese (which was A LOT):


    8. When John Mulaney, who cowrote the character with Bill, made a cameo as Stefon's lawyer and "conceptual piss artist," Shy:


    If you've ever wondered what John whispered to Bill to make him break, Bill revealed in an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers that John said, "'My girlfriend works at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl,’ which is a restaurant chain in LA.”

    9. And finally, literally everything about the wedding sketch, Stefon's farewell, on Weekend Update:


    Stefon and Seth Meyers have the greatest love story of our generation and you actually can't convince me otherwise.

    Here's to hoping for more Stefon this season!