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Here's Everything "SNL" Had To Say About The 2020 Election In Last Night's Highly Anticipated Episode

A dramatic rendition of "Macho Man"! An Ace Ventura reference! *Stefon voice* This episode has EVERYTHING!

This election week has been wild for all of us, but there's one group of people who have had their hands especially full: the SNL writers room.

SNL having less than 12 hours to prepare

Given all the chaos — and potential material — that has happened in the past 24 hours alone, fans were buzzing to see what the crew would put together for this highly anticipated episode. Lucky for you, I've got the answers right here. Let's get into it!

The episode started off with a cold open at CNN, where Wolf Blitzer had just called Biden's win and John King was fresh out of fingers from five loooong days of tappin' away at the Electoral College map:

Blitzer handed it over to Carrey, who began spoofing Biden's victory speech:

Biden saying he can't believe it and that it's been so long since something good happened

And Maya Rudolph of course made an appearance as Kamala Harris, once again owning her title of America's cool, fun aunt, or funt:

Harris saying she's proud to be the first Black, female, Indian-American, and biracial VP and that she doesn't give a funt if it scares you

The duo did a fun little dance to “Lose Yo Job” in reference to this viral video that took the internet by storm these past few days:

Then the tables turned to Trump, who delivered his own ~victory~ speech:

Trump calling for the vote counts to stop and then start again because he's losing

They paid homage to McKinnon's (as Clinton) performance of "Hallelujah" after the 2016 election with Baldwin's slow, ~dramatic~ rendition of "Macho Man" by the Village People — a favorite at Trump's pre-election rallies.

McKinnon at the piano in 2016 and Baldwin in 2020

Biden closed the sketch out on a high note with an Ace Ventura reference, quoting this iconic line:

Biden calling Trump a loser

SNL kept the election content coming throughout the episode, notably with an appearance by Rudy Giuliani (McKinnon) on "Weekend Update." During the segment, he discussed his press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping that was straight out of a Parks and Rec episode:

Giuliani saying his press conference was fancy, not a mistake, and that he accidentally went to a granite quarry called "30 Rocks" instead of the 30 Rock studio

He also offered commentary on how the Trump team thinks they could still win this election:

Giuliani listing wild ways to recount/cancel votes, and that they're suing states they lost for child support

And finally, SNL closed out the show with a sketch about Trump and Don Jr. fleeing the White House, using footage of O.J. Simpson's car chase as ~inspiration~:

The newscaster saying "there's the president leaving in what appears to be a white ford Bronco.

Whew, what an episode! Here's to the cast and crew of SNL for pullin' that off! You can catch the whole episode on Peacock and YouTube.