Renée Elise Goldsberry Is The Best Part Of "Girls5Eva," And Here Are 17 Moments That Prove It


    1. First, when she made a downright iconic entrance:

    Wickie walking in dramatically and saying "let's go ladies"

    2. When she had the perfect comeback to Dawn finding out where she was staying:

    Dawn holding a wig saying this isn't Wickie's pilot's hotel room and Wickie asking if she's saying a bald woman can't be a pilot

    3. Just...this:

    Wickie telling Dawn not to get superior when she couldn't tell that a man dressed as a hot dog wasn't the Dalai Lama

    4. When she revealed her elaborate social media scam:

    Wickie revealing that she shoots geese at the airport and isn't a celebrity with a private jet

    5. When she proved she will make an impression anywhere, including airport security:

    Wickie drinking the water out of her water bra at security, saying she has "the same face as the Bratz doll that got recalled" when she's recognized

    6. When she wasn't afraid to keep it real with Dawn:

    Her making a donation pile of Dawn's things, including the microwave because it has a baked potato button and she should invest in herself

    7. When she was very enthusiastic about her new job:

    Her not telling her customers her name, reading the specials "penne a la vodka and red bull and Italian divorce soup" and saying she can't take it any longer even though it's her first day

    8. When she put on this voice to fake a phone call that's so good, I genuinely need you to stop what you're doing and watch it immediately:

    Her pretending to be someone from masterclass

    9. When she stood her ground:

    Wickie refusing to run after Dawn because she won't adjust her pace

    10. When she gave us this absolutely incredible montage:

    Her scooting up a ramp at the store because her heels were too high, getting caught on the escalator, the fire department coming to help her, and then wearing the same broken shoes but with a coke bottle taped on as the heel

    11. When she got pranked by a couple of TikTok twins:

    Wickie being pranked by twin brothers who she "dated" that kept switching back and forth without her noticing. Her saying they had sex, but it was her alone while they played video games

    12. When she starred in "The Maskical" the musical, a show I desperately need to see the entirety of:

    Wickie saying she's also "worn a mask" before, when she was in The Maskical the musical

    13. And when she went off during the musical and gave us this flawless line:

    Her yelling at an audience member taking pictures in the middle of her performance, saying it disrespects her, the work, and Jim Carrey. She yells "CEASE AND DESIST, BITCH"

    14. When she proved she does have a heart after all:

    Her saying she understands empathy now, because she feels sad for Gloria because the same thing is happening to her

    15. When she was a total genius and started trademarking her one-liners:

    Wickie rattling off one liners like "nothing stickies to Wickie" and "Horsies clomp, I stomp."

    16. When she cared about the important things in life:

    Wickie asking her manager to promise that for the rest of her life when she goes to dinner, someone in a sweatshirt will bother her for a selfie

    17. And finally, when she gave the best compliment a reality show judge could ever give:

    Wickie saying she prays Gal Gadot never sees what she did to the song "Imagine"

    Honestly, we have no choice but to stan! Don't forget to catch Wickie and the rest of the "Girls5Eva" crew on Peacock!