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    21 Fails That Made Me Pause, Blink, And Wonder Where We Went Wrong As A Society

    So close, but still so far.

    You know the feeling when you see something that's so close to being right, but ends up so, so disastrously wrong? That's what we're talkin' about today, folks! If you enjoy scrolling through these fails, you can find them and a whole bunch more on r/CrappyDesign.

    1. This bank that somehow forgot people have to stand in front of an ATM to use it:

    Sub-par atm placement. Way sub-par... from CrappyDesign

    2. These ominous wedding cookies that certainly could've used a second opinion:

    Tell your wedding guests to die from CrappyDesign

    3. This pie chart that I'm 100% sure doesn't add up:

    A pie chart out of 178% from CrappyDesign

    4. This path that takes you on the ~scenic route~ of the sidewalk:

    This unnecessarily zig-zag’d sidewalk from CrappyDesign

    5. This car's acronym, which is simultaneously the best- and worst-case scenario:

    The Subaru F.U.C.K.S. edition from CrappyDesign

    6. This phone that's really banking on you not having an emergency right now:

    Dial 999 for...oh from CrappyDesign

    7. This stocking that was 👌 this close to making a Christmas cat pun:

    Found at Walmart. No better way to get Meowy in there? from CrappyDesign

    In case the text is a little hard to read, it says, "We meowy you a merry Christmas."

    8. This elevator that doesn't quite understand its purpose here:

    This "wheelchair access" building has an elevator that stops in the middle of stairways from CrappyDesign

    9. This puzzling hours of operation sign that's frankly giving me a headache:

    I’d like to eat here. Unsure when is ok from CrappyDesign

    10. This mobile car insurance ad that is an accident waiting to happen:

    This truck was so bright it hurt my eyes for about 5 minutes from CrappyDesign

    11. This Hulk dentistry toy (I already have questions, but okay) that seems to imply Hulk has an extra, hidden layer of jumbo teeth:

    Thats not where teeth go from CrappyDesign

    12. The submarine captain in this graphic that is part merman, apparently:

    This Captain of the Submarine in my English book. from CrappyDesign

    13. This bridge that turns into an obstacle course when it rains:

    You either wet your shoes or do some exercise to cross this bridge from CrappyDesign

    14. This menu that's charging £1.90 for...air???:

    Would you like your chips with or without chips? from CrappyDesign

    15. These ~upgraded~ refrigerator doors that actually make things 1,000% more difficult:

    Flashy new display screens on the drink coolers at my local chain grocery store. Now you have to open the door to see what’s actually inside... from CrappyDesign

    16. This lamp that requires another lamp to turn it on:

    The switches on my lamp - I can't see or feel them in the dark so I need light to turn on my light from CrappyDesign

    17. This ramp that doesn't entirely understand what it's supposed to be doing here:

    Useless ramp from CrappyDesign

    18. This gravity-defying game of Connect 4 that is somehow still going on, even though she...connected four already:

    she already won, and 3 pieces are floating. epic from CrappyDesign

    19. This hotel room said, "Sorry, no electricity for you today":

    I spent 15 minutes looking for a plug in my hotel room... the only one is behind the radiator. from CrappyDesign

    20. These signs that are practically impastable to read:

    Beautiful "Car Spa Pan" board at the Italian restaurant, I've visited yesterday from CrappyDesign

    21. And finally, this holiday decor that wishes you a very Merry ✨Asstmchri✨:

    How do you spell Christmas? from CrappyDesign

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