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    The Dogs In This "SNL" Sketch Kept Making The Cast Break Character And It's Adorable

    Not smiling at a puppy is harder than defeating a demogorgon, probably.

    This weekend, David Harbour hosted arguably one of the best episodes of SNL in a while.


    It featured Lin-Manuel Miranda and Billy Porter cameos, a hilarious Joker sketch, and the return of Pete Davidson for the first time this season.

    The show closed with a "Dog Court" sketch starring Cecily Strong that was honestly the most wholesome and chaotic thing I've seen in quite some time.

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    I would also like to note that this is a show I genuinely need to exist in the world, and you'll see why.

    Of course, the true stars of this sketch were all the sweet little doggos.


    Listen, I couldn't imagine trying to maintain a serious face while holding a little fluffball like this, so how Chris Redd managed to do it I'll never know.


    But eventually the pup started squirming around so much Chris couldn't help but crack a smile and give the little guy a smooch.



    The sketch was going smoothly until it was Cecily's turn holding a pup. And, well, it was a solid 30 seconds of this:


    The little pupper was just so excited!

    Let's just take a moment to truly appreciate it, shall we?


    Cecily got it back together because she's a ~pro~ but the pups were just too darn cute and she couldn't hold back her giggles through the end of the sketch.


    To be fair I was losing it over this, too.

    But wait, IT GETS BETTER! In a video from dress rehearsal that Cecily shared on Instagram, Kate McKinnon — who is generally known for rarely breaking character — AND David Harbour fell victim to the cuteness of these pups.

    And when Kate and David switched dogs in the middle of the sketch, this big boi proceeded to yank Kate off stage entirely.


    If you thought it couldn't get any more wholesome than all that, just you wait. In that same post, Cecily shared that she hadn't been feeling well that week and getting to work with the dogs made her feel so much better.


    In the caption, she shared, "The helmet fell off my lap immediately when Petunia hit my arms. She kiss attacked my face and it melted me. I think I almost cried after because it was like she was saying, as only a 6 month old puppy can, 'DONT BE SAD! FEEL BETTER! DON'T BE SICK! I LOVE YOU! SNAP OUT OF IT' and gave me some much needed real joy and warmth and it got me through the rest of the show. Thanks dogs."

    I think we can all agree here that dogs really are the best.


    Lorne, please bring this sketch back! We need it!

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