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    26 Halloween Costumes That Are So Clever, I Honestly Might Steal Them For Myself

    Halloween is just around the corner! If you're looking for a funny, last-minute costume, look no further!

    It's officially the best time of year, y'all. Spooky season is upon us, and Halloween is only a few weeks away.

    If you're anything like me, you've probably had a half-baked costume idea for a while now, but totally lost track of time. Fear not, friends! Have I got some genius costume ideas for you!

    Every year, I ask members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their punniest, most clever Halloween costumes. Once again, they did not disappoint! Here are 26 of the best, funniest ones:

    Note: Some costumes have also been sourced from Reddit.

    1. A white claw:

    A woman in a red dress dressed as a lobster with white claws

    2. Nun of your business:

    a woman wearing a habit and dressed business casual

    3. Their "birthday suit:"

    a suit with birthday celebration print

    4. Dogatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

    5. A deer in headlights:

    a woman dressed as a deer with headlights on her chest

    6. Probiotics and antibiotics:

    a man wearing a cardboard yogurt and and holding a probiotics sign with a woman wearing a cardboard pill bottle and holding an antbiotics sign

    7. French Kiss:

    A man and woman with Kiss face paint wearing berets, striped tees, and holding wine and a baguette

    8. Curiosity killed the cat:

    A woman dressed as a bloody cat and a man with a knife wearing a shirt that says "curiosity"

    9. An Acute Angel:

    A woman dressed as an angel with the numbers "46º, 78º, and 12º" on her halo

    10. Beauty and the Beastie Boys:

    a lady dressed as Belle and a man and baby dressed like the Beastie Boys

    11. 50 shades of gray:

    a woman with various shades of paint samples on her dress

    12. Guy and Gal Fieri:

    A woman and a man in black button downs and shorts with short blonde wigs, sunglasses, and tattoo sleeves

    13. A web server:

    A woman dressed as a waitress in a spiderweb themed outfit with classes saying "404" "500" and "200" errors

    14. A deviled egg:

    a woman wearing devil horns and a yolk on her belly

    15. A gamer grill:

    A girl in the middle of a grill costume with snacks and condiments on top, holding a gaming console

    16. Spaghetti and Mutt-balls:

    a dog dressed in a spaghetti and meatballs costume

    17. An I scream sundae:

    A woman in an ice cram skirt with a spoon going through her

    18. Fantasy football:

    A woman in a football uniform with a long gray beard and a staff stick

    19. Wonder (Bread) Woman:

    A woman in a wonder woman costume with wonder bread bags as arm hands and a headband

    20. A prombie:

    a zombie dressed to attend prom

    21. When life gives you lemons:

    A woman in a lemon dress and a name tag reading "hello, my name is life" who is handing out lemons and lemonhead candy

    22. Jon Snow White:

    A man in a Snow White dress with a cape and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones hair

    23. Old (mer)maids:

    two women dressed as old mermaids

    24. A chilly dog:

    A person in a hot dog costume with two winter jackets and a beanie over it

    25. It’s Raining Men:

    A woman with an umbrella with pictures of men hanging down from strings

    26. And finally, American Gothic:

    Two people inside a large frame recreating the "American Gothic" painting with goth clothes and makeup

    Now it's your turn! Have you worn a clever, punny costume like these? If so, drop a picture in the comments below so we can all appreciate it!

    And for the rest of y'all, Happy (almost) Halloween!