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We Want To See Your Punniest Halloween Costumes

It's time to show off!

It's finally October, and you know what that means: spooky season is officially upon us.

Halloween is just a few weeks away, so you've gotta start thinking about your Halloween costume, like, immediately.

Thotnos ready to make the hard decisions and look good doin it

Well, I'm here to help spark some ~inspiration~. I wanna know what the punniest Halloween costume you've ever worn is. Maybe you made a Franken-character that's impossible not to laugh at, like Jon Snow White.

Maybe you made a musical pun, like French Kiss...

Or Spice Rack.

Perhaps you played on a famous literary title, like Tequila Mockingbird...

Or a famous figure, like Ruth Bader Sinsburg.

Whatever it is, we wanna see it! Use the DropBox below to submit pictures of your punniest Halloween ~lewks~ and you just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post! Don't forget to tell us what you're dressed as, too!