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    I'm Screaming About These 21 "Petty" Red Flags That Ended Relationships On The Spot

    "On the second date, he quoted the entirety of the Bee Movie. He was 24."

    Because I love mess, I asked our dear BuzzFeed readers to share some of the pettiest reasons they ended relationships. And of course, they did not hold back even a little.

    Here are 21 of the very best, pettiest reasons they shared:

    1. "I once stopped liking a guy because he was lactose intolerant."

    "He would gloat about the fact that pepperoni pizza with no cheese AND cereal with water were 'pretty good actually.' I could not handle that."


    2. "I went on a first date with a guy who couldn't parallel park in a spot twice the size of his car. The date was over before it even began."

    "I even stood in the space to save it for him, but he wouldn't even attempt to do it. I was so baffled, I offered to guide him into the spot or do it for him and he still refused. We ended up parking three blocks away when I had scored him parking directly in front of the bar." 


    3. "I once ended it with a guy I went on a few dates with because he always had eye boogers."

    "I couldn't look at them anymore, all I saw was a future of me telling him to clean his eyes."


    4. "I stopped seeing someone because he was allergic to peanut butter. I couldn’t imagine going the rest of my life without Reese’s peanut butter cups."


    5. "The pettiest reason I ever stopped dating someone was because they made bad tacos."

    "I’m half Mexican, and he really had the audacity to be like 'I make great tacos. I bet I make better tacos than you!' So I was like, OK, sure, I’ll bite. I come over and he has raw flour tortillas, shredded cheddar mix, shredded lettuce, canned salsa... ummm no. No thank you."


    6. "He loved game shows and I hate them, and apparently it was an irreconcilable difference."


    7. "I dumped a guy after the second date because he licked his eyeglasses to clean them."


    8. "I absolutely cannot date any man who does not like the band TOOL."

    "I stopped dating more than one guy because when they got into my car, they complained that TOOL was the music playing yet again. Yeah, later dude."


    9. "I went on a date with a guy who ordered shrimp scampi pizza and that was it for me."


    10. "In my twenties, I couldn't date a guy who wore sandals into bars. Something about toes and dirty floors with sandals just disgusted me."


    11. "I stopped dating a guy because of the way he tied his shoelaces."

    "They were so tight, it made his foot look really skinny in the middle like clown shoes. It was creepy."


    12. "I ended it with a guy because he didn’t understand why I liked breakfast for dinner."


    13. "I once broke up with a guy because he said John Mayer is the greatest musician of our generation.”


    14. "On the second date, the guy quoted the entirety of the Bee Movie. He was 24."

    "On the same date, he hung up mistletoe in his apartment and said that meant we had to kiss. It was April."


    15. "I went on a date with a guy ages ago at Hooters. He was eating wings and literally had sauce ALL OVER his face with no care to wipe it off even when he was done."

    "We were in public, I couldn't. Major ick.


    16. "I once stopped seeing someone because he didn’t like my lip gloss."

    "My lip gloss is like a vice. I’m not giving it up for some random I barely know."


    17. "I went on a date with a guy who had seen practically no movies. Every single reference I made to a certain pop culture aspect was lost on him."

    "Plus, his mom called, like, seven times during the date 😬."


    18. "I couldn’t date someone who liked ketchup because I have an extreme aversion — almost phobia — to ketchup."

    "I’m shuddering as I’m typing this right now 🤢."


    19. "I was on a date and he offered to do a cartwheel. I said I REALLY didn’t need to see him do that, and he did it anyway. I made my friend call me pretending to be my mother and left immediately."


    20. "I stopped seeing this guy because he showed up 15 minutes late to a date after losing track of time watching Hot Ones on YouTube. He then proceeded to order chicken wings, stick the entire wing in his mouth, suck on it until it was clean, then lick all of his fingers and offer me one after touching all of them."


    21. And finally, "On our first date, a bird pooped on the guy's head. I know it was out of his control, but combined with the fact that he drank seven glasses of water at dinner and almost peed himself on the way home, I just couldn't see him romantically after that."


    Have you ever broken up with someone (or been broken up with) for a petty reason like these? If so, tell us about it in the comments below!

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