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    19 People Who Were So Close To Making Something Useful

    Doing things is hard, it seems.

    1. The person who installed these very useful stairs:

    Reddit: /u/MemeB0i69 / Via

    2. Whoever decided this was the perfect place to stock the shampoo:

    Reddit: /u/GeollandFraser / Via

    3. The person who built this door to nowhere:

    Reddit: /u/Ice_walow_pis / Via

    4. Whoever put up this very secure gate:

    Reddit: /u/SoupHam5 / Via

    5. Whoever built this very spacious drawer:

    Reddit: /u/Aaron170 / Via

    6. The person that made this very accessible ramp:

    Reddit: /u/Pxelchen / Via

    7. Whoever decided this was a great place for a desk:

    Reddit: /u/Foul-owl / Via

    8. The person who decided this was an adequate parking space:

    Reddit: /u/Lateralus712 / Via

    9. Whoever thought this made for a perfectly safe bike lane:

    Reddit: /u/EmilThe1 / Via

    10. The person who designed these salt and pepper shakers that aren't confusing at all:

    Reddit: /u/ZappBrannigansLaw / Via

    11. Whoever designed this:

    Reddit: /u/Twillix13 / Via

    12. Whoever installed this window with a gorgeous view:

    Reddit: /u/NananLu / Via

    13. This person who doesn't want you to have hot water:

    Reddit: /u/purplexspongecake / Via

    14. Whoever thought this would be easy to discern in an early morning commute:

    Reddit: /u/ElectroIsland / Via

    15. The person that didn't consider the placement of this pole:

    Reddit: /u/reddideddi / Via

    16. Whoever thought this was the perfect place for a basketball court:

    Reddit: /u/thenitramo99 / Via

    17. Whoever built this swing set that's perfect for knocking out your friend:

    Reddit: /u/etthat / Via

    18. Whoever made this bottle that's very easy to measure with:

    Reddit: /u/yourightimwrong / Via

    19. And lastly, whoever thought "yeah, good enough" and installed this cabinet:

    Reddit: /u/MamaBiird91 / Via

    h/t r/CrappyDesign

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