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    21 Real School Rules That Are So Bonkers, I Can't Believe Students Had To Follow Them

    "My school banned hand-holding and high-fives because, and I quote, it's 'the first in a path to premarital sex.'"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the dumbest, most unbelievable rules their schools had, and — as always — they certainly did not disappoint. Here are some of the most bonkers ones they shared:

    1. This silent lunch rule:

    "When I was in elementary school, we weren't allowed to talk to each other during lunch. Seriously. We ate, sat in silence until the period was over, and went back to class, where we also couldn't talk. If they caught you speaking, you'd have to stand for the rest of lunch, whether you were done eating or not."


    2. This modern-day Romeo and Juliet rule:

    "If a couple got caught hugging or holding hands at my Christian boarding school, they were not allowed to talk or even pass notes for weeks. They were completely banned from communicating or being around each other."


    3. This ban on colors:

    "I went to a Catholic school in a very small Midwestern town. We didn't have to wear uniforms (thank god), but we weren't allowed to wear certain colors because it was 'the devil trying to get through to the kids.' No one was allowed to wear red, black, or grey because of this. It was messed up."



    4. This rule banning the most dangerous thing in the world — emojis:

    "When I was in middle school a few years ago, kids weren’t allowed to wear sweatsuits with emojis on them because it 'signified that they were in a gang.'"


    5. This ban on hand-holding, high-fives, and all things fun:

    "My school banned HAND-HOLDING AND HIGH-FIVES because, and I quote, 'a hand-hold or a high-five is the first in a path to premarital sex.'"


    6. This incredibly excessive uniform rule:

    "We had to wear our uniform perfectly at all times, even on the walk to/from school. You weren't allowed to untie your tie, untuck your shirt, or remove your blazer, because you were still representing the school. They'd even send TAs to drive around and check. If you were caught wearing your uniform incorrectly, you'd get break/lunch detentions."



    7. This dress code restriction that got cut ~short~:

    "One year in high school, shorts were prohibited for both girls and boys because girls wore them too short. Well, the boys found a way around it and started wearing short skirts to school. Needless to say, within a month the school smartened up and allowed shorts again with a fingertip-length rule."


    8. This ban on...the word dice?:

    "The kids at my elementary school aren't allowed to say the word 'dice,' because it promotes gambling. They have to say 'random number generator' instead."


    9. This "accountability" rule:

    "In sixth grade, we weren’t allowed to say 'my bad' in response to anything because it meant we weren’t taking responsibility for our actions. We all thought it was dumb AF and proceeded to say it even more until they finally stopped trying to enforce it."


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    10. This extreme response to elementary school "dating":

    "When I was in elementary school, the administration found out about a couple of kids being in 'relationships,' so their response was to completely separate boys from girls. For example, our 30-minute lunch was divided by girls going to recess for the first 15 minutes while the boys ate lunch, then switching roles."


    11. This rule to protect students from *checks notes* bright pink gangs:

    "One time I wore a pink bandanna headband to match my shirt. No one said anything all day, until lunch. The school cop came over and told me to take it out because 'it’s close enough to red and could be mistaken for gang paraphernalia.' It was a light shade of pink, not close to red."


    12. This ban on hugs:

    "Our high school banned hugs. The seniors cut class and staged a hug-in. We even got on the local news! We won in the end."



    13. This unnecessary take on freeze tag:

    "We had the 'Freeze Bell' — when the bell rang after recess or lunch at my elementary school, you had to freeze in place like a statue until the playground monitors blew their whistles. If you didn’t freeze, you got lunch detention."


    14. This mandatory date rule:

    "In order to attend a formal dance, you HAD to bring a male date. So misogynistic and anti-gay. I don’t know where they even expected us to meet boys to bring. The result of this was that a lot of us brought boys we barely knew and then had an awkward and terrible time and often were subjected to sexual harassment from these random boys. It would have been much more fun to just enjoy the dance with our actual friends."


    15. This rule that's straight-up trash:

    "My first day of middle school, I threw my trash in the garbage can. I was told by the principal never to do that again, as you weren't to throw your garbage out until she dismissed you."



    16. This strict socks guideline:

    "My fifth-grade teacher did sock inspections. She'd make us all get up, stand at the front of the classroom, and make sure our socks were visible, a certain color, and had no brand names/symbols. It was weird, but she was also the only teacher in the whole school who did it."


    17. This awful, ignorant rule:

    "A local religious school says word for word in their rulebook that students will be expelled with no tuition refund if they are found 'performing homosexual acts of any kind, including but not limited to hugging someone of the same gender or speaking in promotion of gay rights.'"


    18. This extreme "no touching" rule:

    "In school, we had a 'no touching anybody, period' rule. My little brother was in kindergarten when I was in fifth grade and he scraped his knee pretty badly after falling off the playground. He actually broke it, but we didn't know at the time. He couldn't walk, so I picked him up. I got a two-week suspension for it."



    19. This ban on conga lines:

    "My elementary school banned conga lines. My friends at the time started a conga line that numbered upwards of fifty kids during recess. To this day, I'm not sure what the issue was."


    20. This diss on diss tracks:

    "My school has a 'no diss tracks or songs written about other students' rule. There were a bunch of Soundcloud rappers my freshman year who called themselves the 'Goon Crew.' They went around writing raps about the teachers and girls they didn't like to the point that the school banned diss tracks."


    21. And finally, this ban on groups of more than five:

    "My middle school once banned us from being in groups of more than five people, not because of gang stuff but because it was apparently 'intimidating' to the dinner ladies. The rule only lasted for one day because, for whatever reason, the rule didn’t apply to playing ball games, so everyone exploited that loophole and the teachers forgot to enforce it after that."


    Now it's your turn! Did your school have any dumb, unbelievable rules like these? Let us know in the comments below and you just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

    If you enjoyed reading through these wild rules, you can read even more of them here. Note: Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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