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If You've Done These 25 Things, You're Definitely A Millennial–Gen Z Cusper

Anyone else still cursed from not forwarding a chain email in 2007?

  1. Did you identify as a '90s kid growing up because ~technically~ you were alive then?

  2. Did you grow up eating '90s snacks like Dunkaroos AND 2000s treats like Yogos?

  3. Did you rock many fresh 'fits from Justice or Limited Too?

  4. Did you grow up with VHS tapes AND DVDs?

  5. Have you fallen asleep on the couch and woken up to George Lopez on Nick @ Nite?

  6. Did you grow up on shows like Hannah Montana, Suite Life, and Drake & Josh?

  7. Did you also catch part of some later shows like Victorious and Shake It Up?

  8. When you think of MTV, do you think of reality shows instead of music videos?

  9. Be honest — did you have a mustache-themed phase?

  10. Did your emo phase happen in middle school?

  11. Did you (or your friends!) have a Belieber phase?

  12. Was Facebook your first social media platform?

  13. Did you immediately think of the Ke$ha song when you first heard about TikTok?

  14. Did you forward far too many of those chain emails so you wouldn't be ~cursed~ forever?

  15. Did you grow up still talking to your friends on their home phones?

  16. Was your first phone a flip phone?

  17. Did you have one of those phones with a keyboard that slides out, like a Sidekick?

  18. Did you ever accidentally press the Internet button on your phone and SLAM the back button because that was a total luxury?

  19. Was the Wii all the rage when you were growing up?

  20. Did you play a lot of Club Penguin and Webkinz?

  21. Did you watch YouTubers before they became influencers?

  22. Did you wait excitedly to watch a classic VidCon hotel room collab with your favorite YouTubers, too?

  23. Do you vividly remember Fred, Annoying Orange, and Ryan Higa's Ninja song?

  24. Do you know a good chunk of current Gen Z slang?

  25. Do you still sometimes see new Gen Z term you don't understand and feel like a total grandma?

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