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17 "Into The Spider-Verse" Moments That Prove Miles Morales Is The Best Spider-Man

"It's a leap of faith. That's all it is. A leap of faith."

1. When he adorably sang along to Post Malone even though he didn't know all the words:

Miles singing along to Post Malone's "Sunflower" but mumbling and saying every other word

2. When he was absolutely hilarious under pressure:

3. When he was so excited to save the day alongside his favorite hero:

4. When he and his dad had this all too relatable moment at school:

Miles's dad sounding the police siren because Miles didn't say I love you, and bugging him in front of the whole school until he says it

5. When he was completely and totally ready to be a hero:

6. When he had the most wholesome relationship with his Uncle Aaron:

7. Specifically, when he went to Aaron for girl advice:

Aaron telling miles to touch a girl's shoulder and say "hey" to get her attention, and Miles trying to imitate Aaron and do it

8. ...and then used it on Gwen the next day:

Gwen saying her name is Wanda, not Gwanda, while Miles touches her shoulder and says "hey" in a deep voice

9. When he got his first Spider-Man suit:

10. When he had the most realistic superhero training montage:

Miles trying to web swing for the first time saying he can't do that yet and Peter saying the best time to learn is under intense, life-threatening pressure

11. When he decided the best way to calm down was by singing his favorite song:

12. When he was 1000% determined to do whatever it took to save his friends:

13. When he gave us the leap of faith scene, AKA one of the greatest scenes in the history of film and also the universe:

14. When he and Peter B. Parker were the most supportive superhero duo ever:

15. When he and Gwen had the sweetest, purest friendship:

16. When he flipped Peter's lesson right back on him:

17. And finally, when he left us with this nugget of wisdom:

Here's to excitedly and impatiently waiting for Into The Spider-Verse 2!