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I'm Sorry But I Have Absolutely No Idea What These 19 People Were Thinking


1. The person who hung up this TV and thought, Yeah, nice job:

2. The person who made this very clear and helpful road sign:

3. This person, who was so close to a good decision:

4. The very subtle coworker who did not take a noticeable slice of cake at all, nope:

5. The person who somehow found the most chaotic way to hang up a picture:

6. The person who thought ~this~ was a great way to package peanut butter:

7. This monster who couldn't be bothered to center the door:

8. This person, who — I'm gonna be honest — just needs to be stopped:

9. The person who decided the only way to improve potatoes is with ✨plastic✨:

10. This sign-maker, who had the right spirit but the wrong message:

11. This delivery person, who is the epitome of the "That sign can't stop me because I can't read" meme:

12. The person who decided coupons should make things more expensive, actually:

13. The person who seemingly confused potpourri with ~poopourri~:

14. This person, who clearly did not pay attention in geometry class:

15. This landlord, who had an artistic vision, I guess:

16. The person who saw nothing wrong with how they put up these lights:

17. The person who decided this was a good solution to their shower problem:

18. The person behind this unfortunate grocery store display:

19. And finally, the husband who ALMOST did the right thing:

h/t r/mildlyinfuriating

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