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    17 Weird Things That Happened In "Mean Girls" That Were Never Addressed

    How the heck did Cady get in trouble for the whole Burn Book when she was the new kid?

    Mean Girls is an undeniably iconic movie. If you're anything like me, it's one of your favorites! But while it gave us tons of laughs and iconic quotes, there are some things in that movie that make literally no sense. Here are a few of them:

    1. Cady always explained that she moved to the US from Africa, but that's a whole continent! Where in Africa did she move from?

    2. Also, how does she have a perfect American accent?

    3. What exactly does "fetch" mean?

    4. How did the Plastics not get dress code violations every day?

    5. Why would Gretchen be sitting with the Art Freaks — aka Janis and Damien — if she weren't with the Plastics?

    6. What's up with the confessionals?

    7. You mean to tell me the girls with countless rules about what they can and can't wear didn't talk once about their Halloween costumes?

    8. Why in the world did Karen have a thing for her cousin?

    9. Was middle school Janis a Plastic?

    10. If Cady's mom used to feed Kälteen bars to the kids in Africa to help them gain weight, why did they bring so many of them to the US?

    11. Cady wanted Aaron to break up with Regina because she's cheating on him...but aren't he and Cady kinda cheating too?

    12. Did the rest of the Plastics really think they could throw a huge party without Regina finding out?

    13. Cady got in trouble for the Burn Book because she's one of only three people not in it, but did the principal ever stop to think that could be because she was the new kid?

    14. Also, wouldn't the handwriting give away who wrote in the Burn Book?

    15. The trust fall scene is so iconic, but also just an awful idea in general!

    16. Just. Everything about Janis and Damien's kiss!

    17. And finally, where did Gretchen learn to speak fluent Vietnamese?

    Did I miss anything? If so, drop it in the comments below!