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    26 Unpopular Marvel Movie Opinions That Are Honestly Kinda Valid

    "Rocket Raccoon is the best Avenger."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their unpopular MCU opinions, and y'all...they are juicy! Here are some of their hot takes:

    1. Thanos was valid:

    Marvel Studios

    "Thanos had a point. We are destroying the planet through overpopulation, and getting rid of half of all humans would make it easier for those left to reverse (or at least not make any worse) the damage we've done."


    2. Captain America is overrated:

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    "Captain America is not a cool superhero. Superhuman strength and agility are not cool powers, and all he does is toss around a shield. The whole Captain America persona is so corny. His character is definitely a product of the time he was created in, which makes him all the more cheesy."


    3. Scarlet Witch is the strongest Avenger:

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    "Wanda is BY FAR the strongest Avenger. She held off Thanos (who had 5/6 of the Infinity Stones!) with ONE HAND while she had to kill her boyfriend with the other. She almost killed Thanos again in Endgame, and the ONLY reason she didn’t obliterate him was that he called up to his ship to start raining fire even though it would hit his own people. And on top of all that, she’s had to live with so many consequences because of her powers (her brother dying, the accords, Vision dying, etc.). Wanda should have killed Thanos."


    4. Tony Stark is kinda awful:

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    "Tony Stark is a cruel, arrogant asshole, a shitty boyfriend, a bad friend, and an awful mentor. His actions are responsible for the existence of Ultron, the Vulture, and Mysterio. He never learns from his mistakes and thinks he can fix everything with his money or his tech. He agreed to the Sokovia Accords and then involved a 15-YEAR-OLD KID in the ensuing battle between two teams of adult superheroes."


    5. Mark Ruffalo is the worst Bruce Banner:

    Marvel Studios

    "Mark Ruffalo sucks as Bruce Banner. Seriously the worst. Bill Bixby from the TV show, Eric Bana, Edward Norton (my personal favorite) are all a hundred times better. There is ZERO sympathy or charisma about him. He's as interesting as an old piece of beige carpeting. How did this guy ever get cast in ANYTHING?"


    6. Civil War doesn't get the credit it deserves:

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    "Captain America: Civil War should be hypothetically included as a part of the Avengers ensemble movies, or at least considered crucial to the understanding of that tetralogy. It completely altered the tone and dynamic of the MCU and was our first look into what an extended cast of Avengers would look like fighting on the big screen. Plus, Cap versus Tony was a BIG DEAL and ultimately changed the saga from that point on. Give Civil War the credit it deserves!"


    7. Infinity War was better than Endgame:

    Marvel Studios

    "Endgame was so boring. It had no action and I feel like they ended it so weirdly. I was so excited to watch it because of how good Infinity War was, but it didn’t live up to my expectations."


    "Endgame felt so anticlimatic and didn't have that 'sitting on the edge of your seat' feeling that Infinity War did."


    8. Peter Quill is actually the worst:

    Marvel Studios

    "Even if we look past it basically being his fault that they couldn't get the gauntlet off of Thanos. He's the most arrogant character, and for no good reason at all. Maybe if he were as smart as Iron Man or as powerful as Thor, but he is useless. If I were Gamora, I would be like 'I have never seen this man in my life' too. Run, girl, run."


    9. Age of Ultron doesn't deserve the hate it gets:

    Marvel Studios

    "Age of Ultron is actually a good movie that showed strong, in-character relationships between the Avengers (Russos can’t relate). It doesn't make sense that it gets so much hate."


    10. Groot is overrated:

    Marvel Studios

    "I do not understand why people love/are obsessed with Groot. HE'S. SO. DUMB."


    11. Bruce and Natasha were a good couple:

    Marvel Studios

    "I actually liked the connection between Bruce and Natasha in Age of Ultron and am upset that it was never explored further."


    12. Captain America is a massive hypocrite:

    Marvel Studios

    "I think Steve Rogers is a hypocrite who never really bettered himself. He preached honesty, sacrifice, and teamwork, but when it comes down to it, he never really put it into practice. He lied to get into the army despite being horribly unfit for duty, kept a devastating secret from Tony Stark for years while presumably using his money to fund his search for Bucky, decided to ignore the wishes of 117 countries who wanted accountability, and then fought Tony Stark ruthlessly after the man watched a video of his parents being killed and found out that Steve hid it from him. I think he lacked growth as a character and was a massive hypocrite compared with other characters who developed more as people."


    13. Black Widow is a boring character:

    Marvel Studios

    "Natasha deserved better — she was written terribly, and I never formed a real emotional connection with her compared with the other Avengers. She had inconsistent relationships with the rest of the team, random love interests, and was often used in missions just to be 'the girl' along for the ride. She didn't really have a good personal reason for anything except the 'red in her ledger' from the first couple of movies. Her whole story arc was a wobbly, forking path."


    14. Rocket Raccoon is the best Avenger:

    Marvel Studios

    "You can’t prove me wrong; he’s never made a truly horrible decision. Yeah, he can be an ass sometimes, but so what? For example, in Guardians Vol. 2, when he tasered Gamora and almost left Quill to save the other Guardians. Yeah, Quill would’ve died, but he was looking out for the rest of the team. It was very 'Neville Longbottom' of him to do that. He really cares about them, and even Thor when he joins later on. He’s just an overall relatable character who has more brains and bigger balls than most of the Avengers."


    15. Nebula should've killed Thanos:

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    "Nebula deserves more recognition and should’ve been the one to kill Thanos. She’s a badass who lived through years of torture and abuse and was never given the approval and acceptance Gamora received. I also love Nebula’s growth throughout the movies."


    16. Captain America should have died in Endgame, not Iron Man:

    Marvel Studios

    "Tony had a family, a daughter, and could have contributed so much more to future films. Steve dying made much more sense to me because it’d be the righteous thing to do. He really had nothing holding him to life and had served his purpose as a hero by passing the mantle to Sam. It should’ve shown him sacrificing his life to defeat Thanos and reuniting with Peggy in the afterlife. This would also follow the comics more closely, since Captain America is the only one that dies in them, not my boi Tony."


    17. Bucky Barnes should've been the new Captain America:

    Marvel Studios

    "Bucky Barnes should have become Captain America at the finale of Endgame, not Falcon. He and Steve had much more history, and denying him that honor was straight-up disrespectful of Steve. I love Falcon, but Bucky Barnes was the best Captain America from the comics. I was pissed."


    18. Peggy and Sharon Carter deserved so much better:

    Marvel Studios

    "Peggy and Sharon are total badasses and deserve to stand on their own as characters. Instead, they were reduced to mere rewards whenever the writers needed a lazy way to tempt Steve away from battle. They were portrayed as objects to represent his final picture of happiness. Even when their skills as agents were briefly showcased, it was clearly in the case of, 'Look how perfect she is for him!' There was never any doubt that their sole purpose was to be a love interest."


    19. Clint should've died in Endgame instead of Natasha:

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    "They tried to justify sacrificing Nat instead of Clint by saying that he had a family, but Nat also had a family in the Avengers. I understand that it was supposed to be symbolic and complete her character arc, but they made it seem like she was only a pawn. It was kinda disrespectful to her character, who is way more likable than Clint. Also, why didn’t Nat get a funeral?"


    20. The "all female" scene in Endgame felt too forced:

    Marvel Studios

    "The all-female lineup in Endgame felt so crowbarred in. Given how all over the place everyone was, them lining up like that with not a man in shot felt forced. To do female characters justice, they shouldn't need to force it in like that. Just show the women being badass and make more movies like Captain Marvel and Black Panther with strong female characters!"


    21. The dance-off scene in Guardians of the Galaxy is way more cringey than it is funny:

    Marvel Studios

    "Honestly couldn’t stand the climactic part of Guardians of the Galaxy where Star-Lord stalls with the weird dance-off. It was too dumb, even for Peter Quill, and totally not fitting for the serious climactic buildup. There’s being lighthearted in your comedy, and then there’s being so unrealistic that it takes you out of the movie. It was that moment in that film where I started to kinda hate Marvel’s humor and wanted the films to get more serious... and they kinda delivered."


    22. Scarlet Witch is all wrong:

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    "I hate what they have done to Wanda. The comics gave Wanda a rich and incredible background, which the MCU (*cough* Whedon *cough*) completely erased. For fuck's sake, she is Jewish and the film put her working for Nazis! Wanda wouldn't do that. If they didn't have full rights to her character, they shouldn't have forced her in. While I love Lizzie Olsen, I don't like her as Wanda. She's not my Wanda."


    23. The MCU's Spider-Man is actually Miles Morales:

    Marvel Studios/Sony

    "Tom Holland does not play Peter Parker. The personality, the story, all of it belongs to Miles Morales. The MCU ruined both Peter's and Miles' stories by doing that."


    24. Thor's character development is disappointing:

    Marvel Studios

    "Thor and Thor: Dark World aren't bad movies. Quite honestly, Thor being reduced to comic relief for the remainder of the Infinity Saga has been a real disappointment for a hero that previously had so much character development."


    25. Comic Clint is way better than MCU Clint:

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    "MCU Hawkeye is terrible. He doesn't resemble the actual Clint Barton of 616 continuity AT ALL."


    "They should have kept Clint deaf! And tall. And the delightful circus freak we know him to be!"


    26. And finally, Captain America's arc in Endgame was completely out of character:

    Marvel Studios

    "Returning to the past and living out a life with Peggy Carter isn't something I can see Steve Rogers realistically doing. He wouldn't leave Bucky and Sam behind. Whatever happened to 'I'm with you till the end of the line'?? Whatever happened to a trilogy where Steve's most important relationship was with Bucky? By the time he went to the past to be with Peggy, he had lived so many more years. He was older and he would've been different and wiser. Peggy also moved on with her life in her TV series. We saw her make her mark as an agent, we saw her fall in love with Daniel Sousa. Steve would never do that."


    Do you have an unpopular Marvel opinion of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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