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14 Pictures That Prove There Is No Bond Quite Like That Of A Pet And The Dad That Claimed He Didn't Want Said Pet

Dads and dogs basically have the same interests: naps, snacks, wandering the house...

It's a tale (tail? lol) as old as time — a dad claims he doesn't want a pet, the family inevitably gets a pet, and within a couple days, the dad and that cat or dog are inseparable.

A man hugging his dog

It's basically science. Pets and dads have lots of things in common — falling asleep on the couch, wandering around the house, having a nice little snack. Literally, a match made in heaven. So, here are 16 dads who said they didn't want a dog or cat, but actually ended up having a new furry best friend:

1. This dad who lasted literally one day before he caved, made a new best friend, AND named him:

Día 1 mi padre: no quiero ningún gato! No me importa que se vaya usted de la casa Día 2 mi padre: entonces se va llamar Rocky porque yo quiero

Twitter: @Gabrielaburb

2. This dad who could not have had a harder fall from "I hate cats" to "I bought my boy Elio a custom door mat so everyone knows he runs this house":

mi padre: no quiero un gato, en el momento en el que entre un animal aquí os vais los dos mi padre un mes después:

Twitter: @izanhermidaa

3. This dad who swearssss the dog asked him for some of his popsicle to cool down, and that he did not, in fact, offer to share his own popsicle with the dog:

Mi padre hace 4 años: no quiero saber nada del perro. Mi padre ahora: me ha pedido calypo que hace mucho calor.

Twitter: @BlankFernandez

4. This dad who went from "no dogs in the house" to "these are my babies, and I WILL feed them out of my hand":

My Dad: No quiero ningún perro en esta casa🤬 My dad now: *hand feeds the dogs*

Twitter: @reynassav

5. This dad who hated his dog soooo much, he let them wear his sunglasses and did a mini photoshoot:

My dad: Yo no quiero este pinche perro Also my dad:

Twitter: @aashleycamarena

6. This dad who felt soooo strongly about not wanting a dog, he certainly didn't go to the pet store and buy four different kinds of food so the pup had options:

Mi padre: ¡aquí no traigas ningún perro, yo no quiero saber nada! Also mi padre: no sabía lo que comía, así que le he pillado un variadito

Twitter: @adrimiercoles

7. This dad who honestly did not stand a chance and is undeniably this dog's favorite person:

mi padre: no quiero perros en casa literalmente mi padre y el perro:

Twitter: @CeNya___

8. This dad who gave his cat the ultimate sign of approval (their very own seat at the table, including a plate):

Mi padre; no, yo gatos no quiero, en esta casa no entra ni un gato más Lo que me manda mi padre:

Twitter: @MemesTablita

9. This dad who wanted nothinggggg to do with this cat, but now literally cannot lounge on the couch without sitting next to his bestie and giving them some nice pats:

mi padre: un gato no pisa mi casa no quiero ver un gato ni en pintura etc la mano de mi padre cada vez que se sienta en el sofa:

Twitter: @doscaladas

10. This dad who routinely plans FaceTime calls between him, his dog, and his daughter:

A man with his dog on FaceTime

11. This dad who met his perfect match (a photogenic pup who loved getting his picture taken as much as he loved taking it):

mi padre: no quiero perros también mi padre haciendole fotos al perro:

Twitter: @martaemf1

12. This dad and dog who bonded over their mutual love of having a nice, peaceful moment outside:

Dad- “eSe pErRo yO nO lO qUiErO” My dad w my dog outside 🌚

Twitter: @li3b3th3

13. This dad who wouldn't let a window stop him from giving his sweet pup a smooch:

My dad: “no quiero otro perro pulgoso en la casa” My dad now:

Twitter: @kayse_senovia

14. And finally, this dad who wanted to clarify that not wanting a dog in his home did not, in fact, include the outside areas like the hot tub:

A man hugging his dog in the hot tub