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24 Latine Parents Who "Didn't Want Pets" (Spoiler Alert: They Definitely Did)

The "I don't want a dog" to "I'm the dog's favorite person" pipeline is real.

1. This dad, who definitely uploaded that picture (and ten more) to Facebook later:

Dad: “No quiero perro en esta casa!” Also dad:

Twitter: @ShitIsLit

2. This mom, who went from "get that dog out of my house" to "everyone move, it's time for his birthday selfie:"

3. This dad who not only got a new best friend, but also a new coworker:

mi papá: yo no quiero perro, no sé que van a hacer pero perro aquí no also mi papá:

Twitter: @valsiiii

4. This mom, who decided that everyone has to be at the table for dinner:

5. This dad, who went from "get that cat out of my house!" to "hey, have you seen this meme?"

6. This mom, who texts her kid every time their cat does something cute (spoiler alert: it's a lot):

7. This dad who couldn't resist a mini puppy photoshoot:

8. This mom, who went from "I don't want a dog" to "move, that's the dog's seat:"

9. This mom, who takes her newfound abuela responsibilities very seriously:

my mom: yo no quiero perro!! Fo!!! also my mom:

Twitter: @mmmbaconnn

10. This dad, who, TBH, I think is having more fun than the pup is:

11. This dad, who has fully accepted that his best friend is, in fact, an adorable lil' cat:

12. This mom who not only accepted her newfound furry friend, but embraced them:

Mi madre: no quiero perro Mi madre:

Twitter: @_laradela

13. This dad, who I'm pretty sure did not move from that spot until this lil' guy woke up:

14. This mom, who is always on the lookout for goodies for her grand-dog:

Mi mamá: NO QUIERO PERRO EN ESTA CASA YA DIJE Also mi mamá en el mall: ay mira esta mochila para pasear a maya no quieres que se la compre??

Twitter: @valerisuseth

15. This dad, who says it all with the big ole smile on his face:

Mi papá: no quiero a los perros arriba del sillón 2 días después…

Twitter: @TomiiRojas

16. This mom who knows that dinnertime means that everyone gets a plate:

17. This mom, who "didn't want a dog," and now tucks them into bed if they fall asleep on the couch:

18. This mom who realized there's no better dance partner than a puppy:

Moms your whole life: yo no quiero perro en esta casa Moms a couple years later:

Twitter: @prettygurrl17

19. This dad, who didn't know he wanted a cat, but has definitely never been happier:

Mis papás: YO NO QUIERO GATO! QUE ASCO ! Mis papás:

Twitter: @thecntess

20. This dad, who is slowly but surely accepting that he is, in fact, an animal person:

dad on a recliner with two dogs a bunny on his lap

21. This dad and dog who are practically inseparable now:

Mi papá: no quiero perros en la casa Mi papá con Nala*

Twitter: @santoyo0318

22. This mom, who definitely makes little comments to her feline friend while scrolling Facebook:

23. This dad, whose went from having "his special chair" to "his (and the dog's) special chair:

My dad: “yo no quiero perro” My dad now:

Twitter: @daniiiielllaaa

24. And finally, this dad who went on a whoooole emotional journey and realized he is, in fact, a dog person:

Now it's your turn! Do you have a Latine parent who was 1000% certain they didn't want a pet...only to be totally in love and obsessed with them, like, a month later? If so, feel free to share pictures and stories like these in the comments below!

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