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    16 Times Kathryn Hahn Reminded Us She Is Just As Hilarious Off Screen As She Is On It

    Agatha all along? Nope, KATHRYN all along!

    Since the ~big reveal~ on the latest episode of WandaVision on Friday, Kathryn Hahn has been the talk of the town on social media:

    Everybody on WandaVision has been playing their roles so well but Kathryn Hahn, she has been playing THE HELL out of her role 😭

    Twitter: @gardenoutro

    On god. Never tell me that Kathryn Hahn “doesn’t have range”, or can only do “comedies”, ever again. She’s a fucking treasure. #WandaVision

    Twitter: @HailMother
    Twitter: @redromancva

    this is kathryn hahn’s world and we’re just living in it #WandaVision

    Twitter: @selinaforyou

    Honestly, it's about time! Whether you fell in love with her in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Parks and Recreation, or even WandaVision, one thing is clear — SHE 👏 ALWAYS 👏 DELIVERS 👏!

    Here are 17 of her best moments that'll make you love her even more than you already do (y'know, if that's possible):

    1. When she went on The Tonight Show and performed a rendition of "Truth Hurts" that would make Lizzo proud:

    Kathryn singing and dancing, Jimmy Fallon trying to stop her

    2. When she addressed her adorable snorty laugh in an interview and couldn't stop snorting during it:

    Kathryn snorting and saying she has like 2 more years of it being charming before it isn't, the host saying it's still charming, and her snorting again

    3. When she finished an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! by excitedly trying to pick up her husband and accidentally dropping him:

    Kathryn in a dress and jeans picking up her husband, dropping him, and trying again successfully

    4. When she was a supportive queen both at the Gotham Awards AND in this interview in which she stared at Rachel Weisz with the absolute awe that every human should look at Rachel Weisz:

    Once again I’m reminded of when I sat next to Kathryn Hahn at the Gotham Awards and she murmured “LOVE her” whenever any actress took the stage

    Twitter: @kylebuchanan

    Friends, if they don't pay attention to you with the wholehearted interest of Kathryn Hahn, they don't deserve you!

    5. When she perfectly deflected Jimmy Kimmel's spoilery Marvel question:

    Kimmel asking her if she's playing Agatha and Kathryn immediately drinking

    6. When she shared this genius idea from her husband that, tbh, I would pay to see right now:

    Kathryn explaining the era where she always played quirky best friends like Judy Greer, and her husband saying they should star in a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-type movie as BFFs with Kate Hudson in the background.

    7. When she talked about her very specific typecasting in drama school:

    Kathryn saying her typecast in drama school was Polonius or grandma in Grapes of Wrath

    8. When she shared this fart fail moment I cannot stop laughing at:

    Her telling a story of pretending to check on her kid while staying at a friend's house to fart in privacy but the baby monitor gave her away and everyone heard her

    9. When she had this perfect fan encounter:

    since everyone is talking about kathryn hahn i would like to take you all back to the night i met her and said it would be homophobic if she didn’t get a pic with us because it’s pride month. she yelled “i love the gays!”

    Twitter: @stephenossola

    10. When she shared this hilarious Halloween story:

    Her telling a story of moving to an over-the-top neighborhood, running out of candy early on Halloween, having her kids dump theirs our to hand out, and joking that she'd keep sending them out to get more

    11. When she adorably reacted to footage from her first TV show:

    Kathryn reacting to her childhood bangs and her "cowering in a corner" in her first TV show

    12. When she was basically all of us trying to keep track of time in 2020:

    Her wanting to surprise her kids on Easter with a bunny costume but being so tired that she accidentally said "ho ho ho!"

    13. When she got way too relatable talking about her worst job experience:

    Kathryn talking about a bad restaurant job, staring off into the distance, and saying, "what if I just started crying right now, guys?"

    14. When she told this story on The Late Show that was pure wishful thinking:

    Kathryn telling Colbert that a bird fell in her dog's mouth in front of her daughter and died mid-air, and Colbert telling her that she's trying to convince both of them when her dog actually killed the bird

    15. When baby Kathryn got so scared by a movie, she decided to take international diplomacy into her own hands:

    Kathryn wrote a letter to the President about being scared of nuclear war after watching "The Day After" and she got a letter back

    16. And finally, when she inevitably makes herself laugh too hard in every interview and does her signature move:

    Kathryn repeatedly hunching over in laughter in interviews

    In conclusion: stan Kathryn Hahn for clear skin and stream WandaVision.