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    18 Horror-Comedies That Are Frighteningly Funny

    👻It's time to get spooky...but not too spooky. 🎃

    1. Ready or Not

    2. Shaun of the Dead

    3. What We Do in the Shadows

    4. Wellington Paranormal

    5. Housebound

    6. Scream Queens

    7. Santa Clarita Diet

    8. Los Espookys

    9. Jennifer's Body

    10. Zombieland

    11. The Cabin in the Woods

    12. The Final Girls

    13. One Cut of the Dead

    14. Little Evil

    15. The Babysitter

    16. Scream

    17. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

    18. Happy Death Day

    Think we missed any great ones? Drop them in the comments below!

    Happy spooky season!