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17 Home Design Fails That I Truly, Genuinely Can't Believe Are Real

I have so many questions, but I want none of the answers.

1. These shower blinds that I will probably be thinking about for the rest of my life now:

2. This bathroom with carpeted walls and an ominous energy that's straight out of my nightmares:

3. This toilet paper holder that was made for pets and people with long arms ONLY:

4. This kitchen layout that's so wrong, it's left me with a _sink_ing feeling in my stomach:

5. This elaborate toilet cover that I truly hope is cleaned regularly:

6. This bathroom that has an aesthetic I can only describe as stairs chic:

7. This sink that is definitely very good and does not at all look like it's smothered in poop:

8. These stairs that were 100%, undeniably, without a doubt designed to make you trip:

9. This...bridge (?)...that you could not pay me to cross:

10. This quick bathroom fix that has no right to be as funny as it is:

11. This toilet that is a fun and fresh place to greet incoming guests from:

12. This fridge that has the same energy as when someone hides in plain sight during a game of hide-and-seek:

13. This toilet that doubles as a bathroom centerpiece:

14. This couch that is so...much, I can barely Beliebe it's real:

15. This toilet setup that took the whole "porcelain throne" idea to another level:

16. This bathroom door that conveniently lets you converse with your dinner guests even when you have to run to the loo:

17. And finally, this stone-covered bidet that'll make you feel like you've hit rock bottom every time you use it:

h/t: r/CrappyDesign