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    17 Things You Might Be Doing That Make Work 10 Times Harder For Grocery Store Workers

    They truly aren't paid enough for all this nonsense. 👀

    Listen — grocery shopping can be stressful. There are long lines, tons of people (and their carts) to maneuver around, and — of course — really tasty-looking snacks that threaten to derail your grocery budget.

    People in a packed grocery store

    There's a lot going on at once, and unfortunately, that sometimes brings out the worst in people. Still, it's not that hard to be a considerate customer! It's been a long and particularly rough year and a half for grocery store workers, so I think it's a great time to talk about the little things we can do (and not do) to make things a little easier on them. And — spoiler alert — it's all really, really easy!

    I spoke with an anonymous grocery store worker from a major US chain, and here are some of the biggest customer no-nos they shared:

    1. Putting things back in the wrong places.

    Man holding two bottles in a grocery aisle

    2. Assuming "the back" is a magical place where they have extras of everything not on the shelf.

    3. Acting as if employees are in the way when they're trying to stock new items.

    Donna Meagle saying "Excuse me?"

    4. Unstacking or digging through items to find a better expiration date.

    Woman sorting through jars and looking at dates

    5. Insisting that employees rearranged the whole store when you can't find the item you're looking for.

    Kyle Mooney on SNL saying "Where is it?"

    6. Assuming that employees work at a grocery store because they're not as smart as you.

    A woman from Real Housewives saying, "Wow, that is so rude"

    7. Freaking out when you find a moldy piece of produce.

    Moldy Strawberries

    8. Touching an employee to get their attention.

    Someone touching another person's back

    9. Alternatively, snapping your fingers or whistling at employees to get their attention.

    10. Also, just yelling the name of the item you're looking for at an employee.

    Britney Spears wincing

    11. Thinking you can treat employees however you want because it's their job to serve you.

    12. Letting kids wreak havoc on the store unattended.

    A kid pushing another kid in a cart

    13. Specifically, letting kids climb the carts.

    A cart in a grocery store aisle

    14. Telling employees what products they should or shouldn't be stocking.

    Two people in the dairy section

    15. Using the motorized shopping carts — and especially letting your kids use them — when they don't need them.

    A woman in a motorized cart

    16. Expecting store employees to handle corporate issues, and getting mad when they can't or don't.

    A man in a store vest looking confused

    17. And finally, forgetting that produce is seasonal.

    Fall produce, including carrots, pumpkins, squash, cabbage, apples, and potatoes

    Fellow grocery store workers — did we miss anything? If so, let us know in the comments below!

    And everyone else: Please, please be nice to your neighborhood grocery store employees!