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    21 People Who Are Straight Up Living In 3008, While The Rest Of Us Are 2000 And Late

    *insert galaxy brain meme*

    1. The clever person who designed this inconspicuous shipping box to deter thieves:

    This box pretending to contain boring flour so that it doesn’t get stolen. from mildlyinteresting

    2. The designer of this wok that knows when a recipe says to add a tablespoon of oil, everyone just kinda eyeballs it:

    My new wok has circles for measuring oil from mildlyinteresting

    3. The brilliant human who thought of these foot-friendly elevator buttons:

    This elevator has giant buttons you can push with your feet. from mildlyinteresting

    4. This person who perfected making box mac 'n' cheese:

    This person using the pan lid to squeeze all the cheese out of the pouch. from oddlysatisfying

    5. This innovator who was waaaay over drinking hot beer:

    This pitcher with a separate section for ice from mildlyinteresting

    6. The designer behind this self-weighing suitcase that puts an end to hastily repacking your overweight bags in a busy airport:

    A Suitcase that can measure its own weight from DesignPorn

    7. The person who thought of this simple but perfect spatula addition:

    Thought this would belong here from GoodDesign

    8. The genius behind these "it's empty!" lights that prevent the always awkward "hmm, do I see legs in that stall?" ordeal of public bathrooms:

    The bathroom I’m in has red/green lights above them to show if the stall is vacant or occupied. from mildlyinteresting

    9. The designer of this shirt who definitely forgot their face mask in their car one too many times:

    My new turtleneck has an incorporated face mask from mildlyinteresting

    10. The genius behind this pack of bananas that won't go from ripe to rotten in the blink of an eye:

    The "One a Day Banana" pack, containing several bananas of different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days. (Korea) from Damnthatsinteresting

    11. This man — aka my new hero — who does not mess around with his complimentary sauces:

    My grandpa has a case for his sauces from mildlyinteresting

    12. This bakery that gives customers all the satisfaction of eating some yummy cake without having to see another human in the process:

    I found a cake vending machine from mildlyinteresting

    13. This homeowner with a cool secret room under the stairs that's muuuuuch less depressing than Harry Potter's:

    The new house my parents bought has a secret room hidden under the stairs. from mildlyinteresting

    14. The genius at this store who committed to giving customers the ~full airport experience~ to show off how travel-friendly their products are:

    This luggage store has an airplane set up for customers to test their carry ons and underseater bags from mildlyinteresting

    15. The designer who created this rain suit that's stylish, fun, AND will make sure drivers see you:

    My husband’s fully reflective iridescent rain set. from mildlyinteresting

    16. The actual genius behind this built-in water pitcher that (wait for it)...FILLS ITSELF:

    This refrigerator has a removable water pitcher built into the door. from DesignPorn

    17. The smarty pants who created this movable park bench so people can always have a nice break in the shade:

    They put rails under the benches in this park so you can always be in the shadow. from mildlyinteresting

    18. This simple but helpful cake server that'll have you ready to sing "Happy Birthday" at a moment's notice:

    The cake knife that came with my birthday cake had matches inside from mildlyinteresting

    19. The super smart mind behind these road reflectors that also keep the streets squeaky clean:

    The road reflectors in Korea are connected to the water system and double as devices to clean the road. from DesignPorn

    20. This person who wasn't afraid to get a little creative to make their bedroom bright and sunny:

    My flatmate placed a mirror to get sun into their room from mildlyinteresting

    21. And finally, this door repair man who definitely got tired of people always trying to use the door he's literally fixing:

    Maintenance guy's shirt doubles as a helpful sign. from DesignPorn

    h/t r/MildlyInteresting and r/DesignPorn

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