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    18 People Who Are Basically Living In The Future, While The Rest Of Us Are 2000 And Late

    Honestly, I'm mad I didn't think of these first.

    1. The person who decided to ~raise the bar~ for keeping drinks cold:

    2. The designer who came up with these clever earphones:

    3. The genius who knew exactly who needed to be on speed dial:

    4. The person behind this safe space for kids to learn how to ride their bikes ~in the real world~:

    5. This innovator who worked with what they had:

    6. The designer behind this hidden staircase that's straight out of a spy movie:

    7. The person who designed the perfect shopping cart for parents:

    8. The person who came up with this eggcellent vending machine idea:

    9. The person who thought of this anti-splash faucet:

    10. The person who came up with this straw alternative for when paper or metal straws just aren't doin' it for you:

    11. The person who changed the game for anyone whose toast is never quite toasty enough:

    12. The person who made the smart switch from plastic to cardboard bread ties:

    13. This person, who worked smarter and not harder:

    14. The designer behind this easy-to-clean train:

    15. The person who knew a relaxing cup of tea is exactlllllly what you need after a stressful day of packing:

    16. The person who sat on one too many wet bike seats and came up with a solution:

    17. The person who made this stunning view a little more accessible:

    18. The person who thought of this simple but effective reminder:

    19. And finally, this maintenance man who knows exactly what he's doing:

    H/T: r/MildlyInteresting and r/DesignPorn

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