Women Are Calling Out Overused Female Tropes And Characters That Scream, “I Was Written By A Man”

    "It seems like she was just there to be eye candy and not really have much of a character."

    Have you ever been watching a female character in a TV show or movie and could just feel in your bones that not a single woman was included in the writing room? Yeah, let's talk about that.

    Redditor u/mikess314 asked, "What movie featuring female characters was clearly made without a single woman being involved?" Naturally, people had a lot to say. Here are some of the best answers:

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    Note: This post contains mentions of rape.

    1. "Any female character described as the 'cool girl'."

    Amy Dunn dressed casually in "Gone Girl"

    2. "Books where women are incredibly aware of what their boobs are doing and how they feel all the time."


    "They almost always bring up the nipples or breast size in the first few chapters."


    3. "When Jennifer Lawrence dyes her hair platinum blonde with boxed hair dye in Red Sparrow. As any fake blonde will tell you, it’s a really time consuming and tricky process. Not something you do in 10 minutes in a bathroom."

    Jennifer Lawrence with blonde hair

    4. "Any birth scene where the mother is just a little sweaty but totally glowing and happy and wide awake after a 20-hour labor, and looks like she was never pregnant at all as soon as they leave the hospital."

    Woman looking fresh and smiling while holding her newborn baby

    5. "The first few Avengers movies with Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. It seems like she was just there to be eye candy and not really have much of a character."

    Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow posing in front of an explosion in the first Avengers movie

    6. "The 'frigid, stuck up corporate woman taken down a peg by rough and tumble guy with big heart and then falls in love with him' trope in Jurassic World. Please, stop it."

    Bryce Dallas Howard in a fancy suit talking to a scruffy Owen Grady

    7. "Harley Quinn’s dumb outfit in Suicide Squad. Who would dress like that for anything physical? Those short shorts would ride up your butt and you’d break your ankle in the stilettos."

    Harley's outfit in Suicide Squad vs. Birds of Prey

    8. "All the girls in Spring Breakers. There’s something unsettling about a middle aged guy writing through the eyes of college girls."

    Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens in bikinis for Spring Breakers

    9. "Books where the female characters never interact with each other, or it’s always negative/catty/competitive."

    10. "Megan Fox in theTransformers movies. Michael Bay basically told her to act hot, but then tried to say it was feminist because she…knew about cars?"

    Megan Fox in Transformers

    11. "Any movie with a birth scene in which the vagina is treated like an orifice capable of stretching powers even Elasti-Girl from The Incredibles would envy."

    A woman looking stressed after giving birth saying "it's so loud!"

    12. "This line from a John Updike book about a lady taking so long to pee, because the pee gets lost in her confusing lady maze inside."

    “Men, they were able to conjure it up immediately, that was one of their powers... Everything about them was more direct, their insides weren’t the maze women’s were, for the pee to find its way through.”

    13. And finally, "The episode of Game of Thrones where Gilly decides to take Sam's virginity five seconds after he saves her from being raped."

    Sam and Gilly have a conversation in a castle

    Now it's your turn! Do you have an example of a female character that was very obviously written without any women in the room? If so, tell us about them in the comments below!