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    21 Times Restaurants Thought They Were Sooooo Clever

    Sometimes a simple plate is enough, actually.

    1. This unbeleafable sushi presentation:

    2. This period craving gone wrong:

    3. This quesadilla that could not possibly be served in anything more convenient:

    4. This gluten-free bread bowl substitute:

    5. This cocktail...served in a foot...on a bed of dirt and literal worms:

    6. This Caesar salad that at least got the whole ~ getting stabbed ~ thing right:

    7. This appetizer that's also a test of your hand-eye coordination:

    8. This surf and turf catastrophe I'll be having nightmares about:

    9. This butter presentation that certainly does not rock:

    10. This eco-friendly alternative to a glass:

    11. The person who gave up on their pro skateboarder dreams to open a restaurant, it seems:

    12. This literal suitcase that would have me packing my bags immediately:

    13. TBH, just...everything about this. It speaks for itself:

    14. This "dish" that's inexplicably served in a pan none of it was made in:

    15. The person who made this cocktail and thought, What the *shell*?

    16. These ribs that I just know slipped and fell onto the *checks notes* TV table???

    17. This jar of tiramisu that seemingly wants you to lick the lid, too:

    18. The person who came up with this bright idea for a drink:

    19. This restaurant that must've been out of clean cups...right?

    20. This wheeled contraption that's absolutely gonna roll away every time you try to take a bite:

    21. And finally...just...everything about this:

    H/T: r/WeWantPlates.