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    The Bar Was Low, But These 19 People Were Still Very, Very Disappointed By What They Got

    I would say an attempt was made, but I really don't think it was.

    1. This person who had a heaping serving of disappointment for breakfast:

    2. This person who was expecting an extra crunchy Klondike bar and got...this:

    u/nnz6z7 / Via

    3. This person who got the saddest """"cheeseburger"""" to ever exist:

    4. This person who got gaslit by a candle:

    5. The person whose chocolate chip cookies were missing a key ingredient:

    6. This poor person who was got straight-up played:

    7. This person who got a serving of fettuccini Alfred-oh no for dinner:

    u/luk8rt / Via

    8. This person whose pizza ~technically~ has tomatoes, I guess:

    9. This person, whose cake was filled with lies and deception, but not frosting:

    10. This person who just wanted a little more pasta in their meal, peas and thanks:

    11. This person, who thought growing carrots would be fun:

    12. This person and their blueberry-less blueberry muffin:

    13. This person's beef and cheddar that could've been beef and...better:

    14. The person who just wanted a popsicle and instead got this monstrosity:

    15. This person who got played by the packaging:

    16. This person who clearly does not think this cosmic brownies cereal is ~out of this world~:

    17. This poor shopper who just wanted a simple mug:

    18. This person who is ~reflecting~ on their purchase:

    19. And finally, this person who got something even spookier than a spider — a reality check:

    H/t r/ExpectationVsReality