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    26 Tweets About Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, And Every Single Iconic Thing "Do Revenge" Did

    I feel like no one was expecting Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke's chemistry to be THAT incredible, but...oh my god.

    This weekend, the long-awaited Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke-led Netflix movie Do Revenge finalllly came out. And, if you're anything like me, you're absolutely obsessed with it and will not stop quoting it.

    Camila Mendes looking terrified and holding a phone and drink

    Well, fear not, friends with immaculate taste in movies! Here are 26 funny tweets about the movie that are allllmost as iconic as Eleanor and Drea are:


    Twitter: @juliettesfang


    sometimes the friendship between a mean lesbian and a lonely IT girl can be so personal #DoRevenge

    Netflix / Twitter: @ringofkeyz


    do revenge just proved me that regina george would've been waaay more dangerous if they had made her a lesbian canon

    Twitter: @belashalifoe


    Aurora Rose/Shutterstock, Theo Wargo / Getty Images / Twitter: @robinshawkins


    “why is do revenge the perfect date night movie” maya: a lot of hot people in it!!!

    Twitter: @dailymayahawkee


    Sophie Turner in DO REVENGE is genuinely one of the greatest cameos ever and I need a sequel centered around her coming for Camila and Maya ASAP

    Netflix / Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant


    Twitter: @audreycressweIl


    this is the joker but for queer people #DoRevenge

    Netflix / Twitter: @Iedtasso


    the director yelled ‘take five’ but maya hawke and camila mendes heard ‘change lives’ and just went with it

    Twitter: @dailymayahawkee


    talia ryder is to do revenge what diana silvers was to booksmart

    Twitter: @shalifoefc


    camila mendes and maya hawke having insane chemistry was the last thing on earth that i expected honestly

    Twitter: @lgbtzenin


    I keep telling you guys that camila mendes went to the nyu school of girlboss comedy which makes her one of the most exciting comedic talents of our time

    Netflix / Twitter: @20thcenturydyke


    x-men dark phoenix who? game of thrones who? this is sophie turner’s best performance

    Netflix / Twitter: @paraasites


    i find it very disrespectful that no one is talking about oscar winner olivia colman

    Twitter: @_madmacs__


    the do revenge plot twist was genuinely the first good plot twist ive seen in a long time like i was actually not expecting it at all

    Twitter: @shalifoefc


    this solidified camila mendes as a gen z era comedy powerhouse

    Netflix / Twitter: @marveIzuko


    see the magic that happens when established actors start taking on silly little roles for fun

    Netflix / Twitter: @koralinadean


    silk chiffon playing and a taylor swift reference in the same scene. do revenge is for the girls and the gays that’s it

    Netflix / Twitter: @afterglowbridge


    maya hawke filming stranger things and do revenge while writing her album moss all at the same time to feed the starving sapphics

    Twitter: @buckleysbiotch / Via


    all appropriate responses to miss Sarah Michelle Gellar 😩😩😩 #DoRevenge

    Netflix / Twitter: @sapphicbrainrot


    talia ryder is the realest of them all 😩 DO REVENGE DROPS ON NETFLIX ON FRIDAY!!! 💋

    Kim Simms/Netflix , Twitter: @robinshawkins


    this was hilarious PLEASE like be serious 💀💀 #DoRevenge

    Netflix / Twitter: @sapphicbrainrot


    the “she doesn’t even know what it looks like” line delivery takes me OUT

    Netflix / Twitter: @samslittlewhore


    Do Revenge has the best soundtrack of any movie ever?

    Twitter: @irobotyoujane


    I hope this movie starts the camila mendes renaissance, riverdale has been holding her back that’s my Queen fr.

    Netflix / Twitter: @itsmichelleayy


    Netflix / Twitter: @nothnghppens

    BRB, gonna go force all my friends to watch Do Revenge with me and plan carefully coordinated pastel costumes for Halloween. 💅