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    From "Encanto" To "Monsters Inc," Here Are 28 Wedding Dresses Inspired By Your Favorite Disney And Pixar Movies

    Personally, I can't decide if the Sleeping Beauty or Hercules one is my favorite.

    It's officially wedding season, folks! So, I decided to use AI technology to create wedding dresses inspired by everyone's favorite Disney and Pixar movies. Y'all...I was blown away with how stunning some of these turned out! Take a look:

    1. Sleeping Beauty:

    the long sleeves are sheer and there's flowers cascading down the skirt

    2. Moana:

    the dress is strapless and has a swirl detail going down the middle

    3. Mulan:

    long sleeves that are flared, and a belt with cherry blossoms designed into it

    4. Princess and the Frog:

    strapless with flower detailing to add to the shoulders with a long skirt that's curtained in the middle

    5. Tangled:

    strapless lace front with flowers added along each side of the front of the skirt

    6. Cinderella:

    long skirted dress with a corset top with thin straps

    7. Hercules:

    etherial, flowy dress with gold detailing and long sleeves

    8. Up:

    colorful strapless corset top with layered tulle dress and a large bunch of small balloons pinned to the back

    9. Frozen:

    strapless dress that has snowflake detailing along the front with a long layered skirt

    10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:

    the long sleeves are off the shoulder and the middle of the skirt is ruched

    11. The Little Mermaid:

    spaghetti strapped dress with a mermaid silhouette

    12. Finding Nemo:

    strapless dress with 3d flowers and spirals representing water along the skirt

    13. The Incredibles:

    the top part looks like the hero costume and the skirt is long and splayed out on the floor

    14. Monsters Inc.:

    strapless gown with layered tulle pieces for the skirt

    15. Beauty and the Beast:

    long simple veil with a long train, the strapless dress is worn over a lace under body suit and the skirt cascades down

    16. Peter Pan:

    corset dress with skirt that is short in the front and long in the back

    17. The Nightmare Before Christmas:

    strapless gown with black roots coming up front the middle, it looks very goth

    18. Cars:

    long gown with a slight train and it's strapless with detailing in the front that looks like car mechanics

    19. Aladdin:

    gold long-sleeved dress with a flowy long skirt

    20. Alice in Wonderland:

    large gown with a strapless corset top

    21. Coco:

    off the shoulder dress with a colorful sugar skull design throughout

    22. Mary Poppins:

    bowtie lace corset top with a layered skirt and an umbrella placed behind

    23. 101 Dalmatians:

    spotted strapless gown with a cascading layered skirt

    24. Inside Out:

    lace top with a rainbow layered skirt

    25. Atlantis: The Lost Empire:

    structured other-worldy dress with cutouts at the stomach

    26. Lilo & Stitch:

    ruched strapless top with 3d hawaiin flowers added to the skirt

    27. Encanto:

    long-sleeved lace and floral dress

    28. And finally, A Bug's Life:

    dress has wings attached to the back and with a corset strapless top

    That's all, y'all! In the comments below, tell us which dress was your favorite (or...least favorite 👀).

    This post was enhanced using AI-powered creativity tools.