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    21 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Eat But Definitely Shouldn’t

    I hope you're not hungry!

    1. This garage door that looks like a candy bar out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

    2. This paint water that looks like a tall, refreshing glass of orange juice:

    3. This spackling that looks like a delicious, fruity pint of sorbet:

    4. These pebbles that look like a giant bucket of Nerds:

    5. This boot cream that bears a peculiar resemblance to chocolate frosting:

    6. This rust-stained tarp that looks like the ultimate burrito:

    7. This soap that looks alarmingly like a delicious pile of shredded cheese:

    8. This cat baguette that gives a whole new meaning to "so cute I could eat you":

    9. This mineral that I'm not entirely convinced isn't just actual pieces of bacon:

    10. These dials that look like a couple of fancy chocolates:

    11. This mineral that you can't tell me isn't just a giant chunk of peanut butter:

    12. These stools that look like the biggest, fluffiest pancakes you've ever seen:

    13. These chairs that look like they're covered in big, melty pieces of American cheese:

    14. This Play-Doh that looks way too much like ice cream for a kids toy:

    15. This old spray foam that looks deceptively like crostini crackers:

    16. This ink refill that looks like it should be a mini container of hot sauce:

    17. These furniture grippers that look eerily like cookies and cream Oreos:

    18. This head of lettuce that can't be eaten but can be used to make a really cool scarf:

    19. This broken bowling ball that is somehow not a giant Babybel cheese:

    20. This mop that looks alarmingly like a pack of ground beef:

    21. And finally, this marshmallow-looking laundry detergent that gives Tide Pods a run for their money:

    H/T: r/forbiddensnacks