19 Things You Might Be Doing That Are Total Turn-Offs To Potential Friends Or Partners

    If he always claims to be an "expert," he's a walking red flag. 🚩

    Sure, people like to talk about ~love at first sight~, but have you ever experience hate at first sight? You know, when you've just met someone but you can already tell you two are not going to get along?

    Whether you're on a date or just getting to know someone platonically, sometimes all it takes is one tell-tale thing to let you know that you should probably just walk away. Well, let's talk about it!

    Redditor u/littlest_thing asked, "What’s the biggest turn off when you’re talking with someone new?" Naturally, the interwebs had A LOT to say on the topic. Here are 19 of the most popular responses:

    1. "When you ask all the questions and they don't ask anything back. It feels like an interview."


    "I've had many a date where if I wasn't talking, there would have been silence. I'm not a big talker, if I wasn't asking questions, they wouldn't be interacting at all."


    2. "Thinking one-word answers or 'lol' are proper responses."


    3. "Being rude to wait staff or aggressive with people in general over seemingly small things. I run."


    4. "When they’re an 'expert' on everything."


    5. "Talking about fighting, or how they 'put someone in their place.' Oh some guy cut in line at the taco shop so you knocked him out? I don't think you're the 'bad ass' you think you are."


    6. "When they can't disconnect from social media for even a short period of time."


    7. "When they keep complaining about other people and their interactions with them. TBH, sounds like the common denominator to all the issues you’re having with people is you."


    8. "Random, out-of-left-field insults or putdowns."


    "Playfulness requires a rapport that some people need a long time to develop. You may think you're getting along well enough to tease each other, but the other person might see your relationship as being in a much earlier stage."


    9. "When they keep interrupting you while you're trying to speak. Especially when you get asked a question and before you can answer, they either ask another one or interject with something completely irrelevant."


    "Once? Okay, maybe you just didn't hear me. Twice? Alright, maybe you're just really excited. Thrice? Okay, I'm done."


    10. "When they can’t realize that they are the cause of their problems, and assume everything is someone else’s fault."


    11. "If they bring up an ex more than a few times."


    12. "Trying to impress me with money or discussions of things they buy with their money when they are clearly attempting to show off that they have a lot. Same thing with connections. Like, great, you know an important person."

    "These always seem like thinly veiled attempts to cover up feelings of ineptitude, lack of true friends, or just inferiority complex in general."


    13. "Getting sexual too fast. If we haven’t even met, I don’t want to talk dirty with you or have the entire conversation dominated by what sexual preferences you have. Sending unsolicited nudes also comes into this. Let’s start with a regular conversation."


    14. "When they change their opinion to match yours. Once you disagree with something they're saying, they backtrack gracefully and try to make it seem like they're on your side."


    15. "Any expression of hate for a group of people. It’s fascinating how quickly people seem to talk about the things or people they hate when meeting someone new."


    16. "When they immediately start talking about their ideal partner in great detail, getting really specific about who this person should be and the things they should like."

    "Especially when this includes how this person should be in the bedroom. I guess they are trying to rule out their 'non-starters' quickly, but just makes me think, 'Oh, do fuck off."


    17. "When people one-up every little thing. It just comes across as so insecure."


    18. "Someone who just feeds off drama. Like, doesn’t talk about anything else but things that are going on with other people."

    "I’m trying to get to know you, not some random sorority girl and what she did last weekend."


    19. "Having only 'crazy' exes and explosive breakups."


    "When they take zero responsibility and demonize their past partners... It is a massive red flag. I automatically assume they were the problem."


    Do you think we missed any major relationship or friendship turn-offs? If so, tell us in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.