24 Wholesome Animal Tweets That Will Melt Your Heart

    Sometimes life can get a little ruff.

    1. This sleepy little guy:

    in case you don’t have me on snap..he tucks himself in when he’s ready for bed ♥️

    2. This doggo that knows a thing or two about lab safety:

    So in my roommates lab, one of her classmates has a service dog and apparently service dogs also have to wear lab gear &... Y’all.. just look how cute this is

    3. This sweet lady singing her pup to sleep:

    I might have found the most wholesome YouTube channel ever and I might be crying bc this is the cutest thing in the world

    4. This confused cat owner:

    hey science I’d love to know why my cat has LITTLE LIPS ??????

    5. This happy little guy:

    This is Toby. He only needed to be held once during his first swim lesson today. Had nothing to do with his capabilities, he just wanted to be held. 13/10

    6. This hungry hamster that just wants a snack:

    i just wanted to have a relaxing movie night

    7. This cat that definitely has something to say:

    8. This dog who won't let Cerebral Palsy stop him from havin' a good time:

    Different is Beautiful 🌟 Clyde Nothing stops him from living his happy go lucky life. Live life like Waze. #clydewaze #dogs #dogsoftwitter #mydogiscutest @nowthisisliving @goldengateblond @WoofWoof_TV @llovmydog @humorandanimals @mydogiscutest

    9. This unexpected feline find:

    Guys. The sales guy said “sorry I am not being rude I am feeding this cat under my desk.” I said what??? He said “I found this kitten so I am nursing it. I said what???? Guys.

    10. And this cat that got a little too excited:

    Just wanna debut this Video of my cat hitting herself with her tail

    11. This pup that's ready to party:

    My mom: I don’t want any dogs Also my mom:

    12. This rug with eyes:

    13. This stylish squad:

    I.......made matching shirts for me and my cat

    14. These snails that are #RelationshipGoals:

    15. This kitty that's maaaybe a little confused:

    fetch is all this cat ever thinks about. she cried outside my door for an hour for this

    16. This working boy:

    when pets are not allowed in my workplace!👀

    17. This kitten with the cutest little paws:

    If you’re having a bad day here’s a video of my kitten making air bickies

    18. This duck having a mini spa day:


    19. This bunny chompin' away on a snack:

    reply with pics of ur pets/animals pls 🌻 heres my rabbit eating a dandelion

    20. This cat that's the life of the party:

    Our cat King Julian has earned his reputation of ring toss master

    21. These adorable best buds:

    Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??

    22. This flying comedian:

    Using a Strip of Paper to Give Birds Funny Eyes

    23. This dog that's just one of the guys:

    24. And finally, this cat that's truly living it's best life:

    I swear to God my friend’s pet is actually a human in a cat form

    Have a great day!