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    19 People Who Asked For Wayyyyy Too Much On Dating Apps, Like One Person Had A Whole Questionnaire To Fill Out

    These people really had the time, the nerve, and the audacity, it seems.

    Something nobody quite prepares you for when getting on a dating app is just how draining it can be. For every good conversation you have, there are five of the worst people you've ever had the displeasure of meeting. It's exhausting!

    While it's great to know what you want (and deserve!), some people can certainly be entitled and demanding about it. So, I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the worst encounters they've had with people like these on dating apps.

    As always, y'all did not disappoint with your stories. So, without further ado, here are 19 of the worst, most entitled DMs people have ever gotten on dating apps:

    Note: Messages have also been sourced from r/Tinder and r/Bumble on Reddit. Some submissions from BuzzFeed community users have been turned into text messages for visual purposes based on the stories submitted by the users.

    1. This person who wanted to go on a "coffee date," by which they meant they stay cozy at home, and their date is basically just Postmates:

    person giving an address and saying they must come with coffee if actually interested

    "This was after texting each other for a week."

    Shared by: Anonymous

    2. This winner, who was sooo insecure, he requested that his date not get ready so he didn't feel threatened by other men:

    woman saying its not gonna work because the man says not to look sexy or wear makeup

    "Like, WTF? Do you not want to be attracted to me on the first date? I was bewildered. I immediately stopped talking to him. Sometimes he still DMs me saying that I really missed out and sends pictures of himself shirtless. Disgusting. 🙄"

    Shared by: Anonymous

    3. This person who felt so entitled to a random stranger's phone number after only a few messages that they concluded the only options were a) getting what they wanted and b) death, I guess:

    4. This person who went from "they're kinda cute" to "instant red flag" in the span of three texts:

    5. This girl, who started off strong with "pick me, a stranger you barely know, or your beloved pet of eight years:"

    person saying they've known their cat for 8 years, so they'll pick it over a stranger

    6. This girl who I guess just realized she wants a sugar daddy, not a boyfriend:

    7. This guy, who saw that this person is asexual from their bio and decided to win them over with this line IN HIS VERY FIRST MESSAGE:

    someone saying that they can win them over

    8. This person, who wanted an Instagram follow so bad, they were oblivious to anything else:

    9. This guy, who — after weeks of talking — finally asked this person out...only to request that they go to the restaurant his ex works at:

    person saying they want to make their ex jealous by taking their match on a date at the restaurant the ex works at

    10. This person, mad because the other person was too easily google-able?:

    11. This guy who, after talking for a while and getting to know each other, asked this very important, telling question:

    "i'm hot, i'm a ncie guy, I make good money, what's not to love?"

    12. This absolute gentleman who got right to the point:

    man will only go on a date if the person facetimes them naked first

    13. This man who for the life of him could not wrap his head around the thought that this woman could possibly buy something without the help of a man:

    woman finally responds by saying that she can make money, too

    "I posted a photo of myself with my horse on Match. A man wrote to me, admiring the photo, then said all this nonsense. His sexism blinded him so much, he couldn't fathom that I earned the money to buy her myself, which I did."

    Shared by: Anonymous

    14. This person who expected a whole dramatic, mushy display on Valentine's Day from someone they've only been on four dates with......and are not even technically dating:

    15. This girl, who decided that instead of wasting her time talking to potential matches, she'd just waste everyone else's instead:

    a survey on why someone matched with them
    continued survey questions like what do you order for the table, and are they a dog or cat person
    continued survery questions like does pineapple go on pizza

    16. This monstrosity of a man who had to share his entitled opinions with this person instead of, IDK, just not DMing them at all:

    "god promised me a wife younger, thinner, and much better looking than you are"

    Shared by: Anonymous

    17. This girl, who wants nothing short of a $100 meal at a fancy restaurant for a first date:

    woman saying she goes on nice dates all time but man saying he doesn't spend 100s of dollars for a first date

    18. This person, who made the other person regret just saying hi:

    19. And finally, this person who absolutely missed the banter and was very much not subtle about being a gold digger:

    woman haggling over what she should get, and it should be dinner, perfume and earrings
    woman keeps adding to her list of wants before the first date

    Have you ever dealt with an entitled person like these? Tell us about them in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and don't be afraid to share the screenshots, folks!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity, as well as to keep the identities of people involved private.