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    18 Creepy Urban Legends From Around The World That Have Me Shaking In My Boots

    Scooby Doo, but make it real life. 🔍👀

    Are you ready to get spooked? I sure hope so, because u/ChrissiTea asked the wonderful folks on Reddit, "What are the creepiest urban legends from your area?" As always, they delivered with some real, creepy tales. Here are 18 of the best ones:

    1. This scary school chair:

    "We have a chair that’s been untouched since the 1960s in our school's boiler room. The janitor swears that a boy got locked down there by these other kids the day before summer break and died from the heat. He claims that the chair moves and that the door handle moves like he’s still there, trying to get out."


    2. This spooky story of the Bean Sucker:

    "In rural western Maryland, we have the legend of the Bean Sucker. It's the story of a man who wanted to scare a couple coming home in the late 1800s, so he stuffed his mouth full of beans and jumped in front of their carriage. It was said the driver was angry, so he chased the man down the railroad tracks by the path until bean guy ran into an oncoming train. They found the body, but there was no head. There's evidence that the train party may have actually happened around that time, which makes it all the more real and spooky. People say you can still hear the Bean Sucker’s head rolling around and sometimes find beans on the ground."


    3. This Walmart that wasn't meant to be:

    "There was an asylum by my house in the '70s, but they tore it down because it was an eyesore and had a dark history of mistreating patients. There's a cemetery on the property now with hundreds of unnamed graves. In the early 2000s, Walmart bought the land to build a store. They excavated, but the day before they were set to start construction there was a huge landslide in the middle of the night that blocked the highway for days. If it had happened at rush hour, tons of people would have died. Ultimately it was deemed unsafe territory to build on, so it remains empty. I guess the people who died there didn’t want to be chilling underneath an aisle 10 at Walmart."


    Cartoon Network

    4. This legend of the black ambulance:

    "I live in Romania, and as a kid the most common legend was the 'black ambulance.' It would steal kids and harvest their organs, only for the kids’ bodies to be found abandoned in a field a few days later with some money for the funeral."

    — u/mikeynbn

    5. This vanishing classmate:

    "There was this friend I had in third grade. One day he was acting weird, saying that there were bugs in his brain. I asked him if he was okay, but he never responded. I didn't see him at lunch or recess and he didn't come to school for the next three days, so I asked the teacher what happened. She just said it was none of my business. I never saw him again.

    Other kids in my class started making up bullshit stories about how he ran into the woods and drowned in the lake, or got kidnapped by an escaped convict. Now 10 years later, the kids in my town are still perpetuating these myths. None of them know the true story, and neither do I, but I just think it's wild that this generation of kids who were literally infants when this happened are still talking about it like it's an urban myth."


    6. This furry omen of death:

    "We have Black Shucks — big, black, ghostly/demonic dogs with glowing red eyes that are supposed to be omens of death. They generally appear on roads at night and there’s apparently a few around town. Also one is actually a bear, but I have no idea why we have a ghostly demonic bear because we don’t even have normal bears in this country."


    "I believe the superstition is that if you see one, then you must not tell anyone else about it for a year and a day. Otherwise, you or someone you are close to will die."



    7. This man with a mysterious past:

    "In Barre, Vermont, there's a legend about this unusual man. I've met him; he was a rough-looking 40-year-old guy and he would dance if you gave him money. He was usually sort of out of it, but not drunk or anything. People in town insisted that while he stayed in the local shelter to sleep at night, his family was actually rich. They said he pretended like he was fried, but he knew Shakespeare and was way smart. I heard that he stayed in shelters to spite his family after an argument he had with his dad 20 years before about a mysterious death in the family. Locals feared and respected him just by his reputation."


    8. This equestrian who wasn't horsing around:

    "One of the primary schools I went to had a few trees in the back corner of the field with a mountain of dirt. There were rumors that it was haunted by horses, one of which was an evil black horse. If you sat under the trees and closed your eyes, you could hear them. It wasn’t until I was older that I found out the school was built on an old racing ground and it closed down after one of the jockeys poisoned a competitor's black horse."


    9. This story with an unexpected start:

    "In my town, there was a story about a woman who had been murdered on the road I lived on. It was said her ghost still haunted the stretch of road she died on and you could still see her wandering around. In fact, it happened right at my driveway.

    When my mother heard this story, she laughed. A few years prior, a friend and I were playing with an old Halloween costume and leftover fake blood. I'd dressed in the ghost costume and let my friend dump fake blood on me, and we were at the front of the drive. Aside from my stepfather getting concerned phone calls, we thought the matter was settled. Turns out, I started and starred in my own ghost story."



    10. This tale of Joey the Clown:

    "We had one called ‘Joey the Clown.' Nearby, there's a disused Victorian railway that was transformed into a 20-mile walking path linking different parts of the city. Before that, it was just mud, grass, and tunnels. The tunnels were REALLY dark, but we used to hang around in them when we were kids.

    Joey the Clown supposedly haunted these tunnels. He was supposedly a lunatic who ran away from the circus, kidnapped a baby, and hanged it by its feet from one of the pipes in the tunnel into the path of an oncoming train, which he also jumped in front of. Rumors still persist that people have seen Joey’s ghost in the tunnels, and if you went in the tunnel at night, you could hear his laugh, a baby's cry, and the sound of the locomotive.

    My mother used this to her advantage when I was a kid by telling my sisters and I that Joey the Clown preyed upon children who wear odd socks and unclean underwear. So of course we’d all be wearing matching socks and make sure we had pristine underwear when we ventured down to the old railway."


    11. This mischievous woodland residents:

    "We have small, 6-inch tall people who live in our forests. They stay well-hidden unless you're alone and vulnerable. Then, they like to mess with you for fun."


    12. This mysterious vending machine man:

    "This isn't technically an urban legend, but it might as well be. There is this vending machine in Seattle that is filled with rare and valuable soda cans, many of which are out of production. Nobody knows who stocks the vending machine, and the one time it needed repairs, nobody saw who took it to get repaired."



    13. This tale of the Flathead Lake Monster:

    "Flathead Lake in western Montana is the largest body of freshwater this side of the Great Lakes. It's 18 miles wide, 26 miles long, and over 400 feet deep. People have seen the monster breach the surface of the lake, looking like the back of a serpent-like creature. My theory is there are some monstrous 25-foot long sturgeons hiding out down there, but who knows?"


    14. This secret cemetery:

    "There is a large 'burial ground' on our reservation for people who knew too much or were considered liabilities, most of whom were part of a drug ring. It's located somewhere that no police or tribal police have jurisdiction to investigate. I heard about it in high school and we thought it was just a legend, but last year I learned it was real. I had a friend who got out of the drug ring and showed it to me."


    15. These school kids that just wanna lend a hand:

    "In San Antonio, there’s an urban legend about ghost kids leaving handprints on your car if you park near the train track. A school bus collided with a train back in the 1940s, and supposedly if you leave flour or powder on your car, you’ll see small handprints."



    16. This school full of shadows:

    "There's this little church/girls school that sits not too far from the Gates of Hell cemetery with a few different rumors about it. I was always told that a nun hanged herself in the open bell tower, and that on certain nights you can still see her body swinging. I’ve also heard that a nun killed some of her students before being stopped. The owners renovated the interior into a restaurant and a bed and breakfast, but people still claimed weird shit would happen, like chairs sliding across the floor and shadowy figures in the bell tower."


    17. These ghostly guardians:

    "We have three mysterious men in a car called 'the Guardians' — yes that’s actually what we call them — along Montana Highway 464. People have shared experiences where they have car trouble and three men in a car drive up and help them out. Other people say headlights appear and disappear in places they shouldn’t."


    18. And finally, the legend — and answer — behind this creepy cryptid:

    "Recently on a local Facebook group, there have been rumors of a 'dancing man.' Only a couple of people have seen him, but they say he wears an old gas mask and black clothes. He can be found dancing at night on the beach or walking the hill in a groovy stride, but he disappears when people look away and then look back. It's me, I'm the dancing man. 'Become a cryptid' is part of my bucket list and I can now officially cross it off!"


    Now it's your turn! Are there any creepy or unexpectedly funny urban legends where you live? If so, tell us all about them in the comments below!


    Note: Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity. h/t r/AskReddit

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