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    20 People Who Didn't Realize They Failed Until It Was Too Late

    It's the thought that counts, I guess?

    1. The person who decided to design a plate that always looks dirty:

    2. The person who saw nothing wrong with putting a red pattern on a bandage:

    3. This person, who definitely knows nothing about Canada OR Texas:

    4. The person who designed this ominous Frozen tattoo:

    5. The person who made this incredibly easy-to-read restaurant sign:

    6. This person, who I would never, ever ask for directions:

    7. The person who — bless their heart – saw this toilet seat and thought, Oh, pretty flowers! and not, Someone exploded here:

    8. The geography genius who highlighted Italy's most famous monument — the Eiffel Tower:

    9. The genius who thought using a character who GOT POISONED BY AN APPLE on this bag was a *chef's kiss* idea:

    10. The person who melted under the pressure of packaging this cheese:

    11. The person who decided the best way to improve bathroom stall doors was to put the gap riiiiight in the middle:

    12. The person who probably really wished a pizza slice could somehow look like a capital A:

    13. This person, who I *donut* think thought this sign through all the way:

    14. The person who saw more than one churro in this picture and thought, Yeah, close enough:

    15. The sea animal expert who made this activity book page:

    16. The person who decided a bike lane doesn't actually need to be usable for bikes, I guess:

    17. The person who wrote these instructions and saw nothing wrong with them:

    18. The person who decided the perfect place for this metal bench was directly in the sun:

    19. The person who decided the proper funeral home branding was Disney-themed:

    20. And finally, the person who designed this hotel balcony that's impenetrable by thieves:

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign.

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