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    19 Food Pictures That Are So Disturbing I Think I've Lost My Appetite Forever

    I've never seen so much chaotic energy in my life.

    1. This all-crust pizza that is the thing of nightmares:

    /u/alex91s / Via

    2. These eggplant sneakers that make me want to get up and walk away from the dinner table:

    u/alexandrachronia / Via

    3. These patties with gummy bears inside that I can't wrap my head around:

    /u/liveybuggie / Via

    4. These Spaghettios Eggs Benedicts that look alarmingly classy:

    /u/The_Vulgar_Chef / Via

    5. This pasta that may look like a normal mushroom Alfredo but is actually cold pasta, mayonnaise, and raisins:

    /u/Hot-Foot / Via

    6. This strawberry and salami sandwich that has me shaking my head:

    /u/Kirstae / Via

    7. This hard-boiled egg omelet that has truly left me speechless:

    /u/buckemupp / Via

    8. This "Italian sushi" creation that really pushed the limits of what counts as sushi:

    /u/microwavedoxygen / Via

    9. This cheesesteak cheesecake that was, uh, definitely creative:

    /u/bondiblue2k1 / Via

    10. This chaotic creation that turned the whole "pineapple on pizza" debate on its head:

    /u/ShakeNShot / Via

    11. This leftover Chinese food waffle that is either the best or worst idea I've ever heard:

    /u/johnfoster8 / Via

    12. This "sushi sausage" that really didn't need to exist:

    /u/KingBooyaman / Via

    13. This deceptive birthday cake that's actually meatloaf and mashed potatoes:

    /u/PenelopetheConqueror / Via

    14. This kiwi pizza that looked at pineapple pizza and said "watch this":

    /u/nre1313 / Via

    15. This take on ~fish and chips~ that definitely stank up the office:

    /u/AttarWrites / Via

    16. This pickle, Spaghettios, and spray cheese combo that raised my blood pressure just by looking at it:

    /u/The_Vulgar_Chef / Via

    17. This sushi wrapped in melted American cheese that's making me a little queasy:

    /u/chrislikespizza / Via

    18. And finally, this egg cake that radiates pure chaotic energy:

    /u/namenotrick / Via

    h/t: r/shittyfoodporn